5 Wonderful Reasons to Consider Shutters for Your Windows

Posted November 6, 2020 by in Decor

We all want our homes to look great on the outside and inside. While many people work feverishly on their gardens and porches, they all make the same mistake of neglecting one of the most important aspects of any property – the windows!

More people than ever are turning away from boring old blinds and tired creased curtains by investing in timeless, classic window shutters instead. These stunning window dress options are incredibly versatile and look good on any domestic or commercial property. If you need a little window inspiration, check out these Do It Yourself plantation shutters from Shutters Dept. 

So, what are the benefits of these window options? Here we’ll explore 5 wonderful reasons to consider shutters for your windows:

They’re Completely Unique 

It doesn’t matter whether you have portholes in your bathroom suite, narrow, vertical windows in your hallway, or a beautiful bay window in your bedroom. Unlike other traditional window dressings such as curtains and blinds, Plantation Shutters Melbourne can be fully tailored to the exact requirements and measurements of your windows. No more billowing, heavy curtains that gather on the ground, no greasy or grimy blinds that look tatty and tired, just elegant perfectly sized shutters for every window in your home.

Their versatility is unrivaled!

They’re User-Friendly

Whether you have children at home, or elderly relatives you’ll find that traditional window shutters are easy for everyone to use. No more gathering up and struggling with heavy curtains and no risk of strangulation from dangerous blind chords.

You don’t need a huge amount of strength to welcome light and air into your home with window shutters. 

They’re Incredibly Durable

Many modern plantation-style window shutters are made with PVC and other durable materials which means they’ll last and always look great. Curtains become dusty, tired and frayed, traditional blinds age and lose their colour over time, but with Roller Shutters Perth, you can expect no sun bleaching or fading, just strong, reinforced materials that will stand the test of time – no matter what you and your family throw at them!

They’re Easy to Maintain

Traditional window coverings aren’t easy to clean. Getting your curtains washed and dried is laborious and you may have to manage a whole day without privacy! Traditional blinds usually mean moving dust around and they never really look as fresh as they did the day they were installed. With window shutters, you can simply wipe them clean and move on with your life.

They’re so easy to maintain, it means anyone in your household who suffers from allergens is likely to benefit from these easy to clean window dressings. 


If you worry about keeping your home warm and dry in the colder months of the year, then window shutters are the perfect choice. You can easily block those uncomfortable draughts and as these shutters are resistant to moisture you’re less likely to experience damp and mould in your windows. Better insulation means cheaper energy bills. 

Final thoughts…

With instant style, additional kerb appeal and insulation it’s clear that window shutters are the perfect addition to any home.