5 Wonderful Tips for Enjoying Your Garden This Winter

Posted October 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Winter is that season when you may have to take things slow as the world seemingly slips into hibernation. Despite the cold temperature, spending time outside is invigorating, especially with hot coffee sprinkled with pumpkin spice

Your garden can be one of your destinations this winter. With strategic and timely tweaks and helpful maintenance tips, you can enjoy outdoor living snugly during the season and throughout the year:

Winterize Your Sprinkler System 

You may not have to water your lawn as much or at all during winter. But you have to prepare your fire sprinkler system for winter to prolong its life and prevent costly repairs.

  • One main task involves the backflow preventer designed to keep contaminants from getting into the drinking water supply. You have to protect the device from freezing. 
  • Another step in winterizing the sprinkler system is to drain leftover moisture that could freeze and cause problems, such as pipes breaking or bursting. The process for draining the sprinkler system can be manual or automatic or using an air compressor.  

Do you have everything you need? Visit Sprinkler Supply Store for a wide selection of sprinkler backflow preventers to identify your setup and other components that could help with your lawn and sprinkler maintenance.

Winterize Your Patio or Deck 

With a winterproof patio, you’ll have another place to lounge and entertain guests while staying warm and enjoying your garden decor.

Take a look at these winning ways to create a cozy retreat out of your outdoor living space:

  • Build a strong roof over the patio that can handle wind, snow, and harsh weather. Do the same to your deck, which can also use weatherproof drapes or blinds. 
  • If you have a roofed or under-deck patio or porch, consider installing under-deck ceiling panels to keep moisture out of your outdoor space. 
  • Invest in a fire pit, which is the most relevant accessory for this season. It can be fixed and custom-built for your yard or portable like a tabletop fire bowl. 
  • Check out heated seating, from camping chairs to seat cushions with insulation. You may have to move some of your patio furniture indoors or keep them covered until spring.
  • Snuggle up in blankets like those made for backpacking and camping. They can be waterproof, warm, and windproof.
  • From pillows and drapes to other accents, add colors to counter winter blues.

Brighten Up Your Outdoors 

Adding outdoor lights this time of the year serves two purposes: marking the holidays and enhancing illumination as it gets dark early. It is exciting to deck out your home’s exterior and yard in multicolor, twinkling bulbs.

Notwithstanding the design or theme of your winter holiday display, safety is a top priority. Before you hang the lights or wrap them around trees, consider these tips from the National Fire Protection Association:

  • Invest in quality outdoor light fixtures. 
  • Inspect the condition of the lights (e.g., check for faulty bulbs and frayed cords and replace them).
  • Ensure that the lighting products are made for the outdoors (or indoors, as specified). 
  • Fasten light strands with clips.
  • Turn off the lights before going to bed, or use a timer.

To save money and energy, look into energy-efficient outdoor lighting fixtures like solar-powered ones. 

Watch Wildlife (and Welcome Them) 

Birds and other animals can show up in your garden, searching for food, water, and shelter in light of winter weather conditions. This presents an opportunity to observe animals closer than usual and make your yard more welcoming to them. 

For a harmonious relationship with your winter visitors, look into these ground rules:

  • Maintain a safe distance when wildlife watching in your garden. Trying to approach them may scare the animals and cause them to be aggressive. Use binoculars instead.
  • Feed the animals responsibly. You can plant varieties that serve as food to native wildlife. Or look up safe food choices or alternatives to their usual diet, and put these in feeders. Leave some leaves for some birds too.
  • Build backyard habitats using stones, logs, prunings, and other materials found in your garden.  

That being said, some of your garden visitors may turn out to be nuisance guests. You’ll need help in preventing them from damaging your property.

Keep the Spirits High 

The cold weather can put you in a pensive mood as you think about the many things that happened this year. Or it can make you feel festive as you do some last-minute shopping for holiday gifts and organize a winter party or two.

Invite your closest friends for a night of good food and wine on your well-lit and winterproof patio. With the serenity of the landscape and the warmth of the fire, your outdoor party will likely be a smashing success. If you are seeking to find unique items for your garden Visit H Potter.

For those loved ones who live far, send them curated baskets of scotch and fine gifts, together with your well wishes. Personalized gifts never fail to impress, especially if there’s a fine bottle to celebrate the festivities. 

‘Tis the Season

Winter can be a season to make plans and be merry. It’s also the time to dress warmly, enjoy the scenery, and make gardening plans for spring.