6 Affordable Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Dupes

Posted September 2, 2022 by in Fashion
affordable version of Lululemon's famous belt bag

I never shop at Lululemon, like ever, so I can’t say much for or against them as a brand. All I know is their workout attire is pricey and I’m too in love with my Old Navy workout leggings to want to spend more. Welp…do I have a story for you…

On a recent trip to Westfield Century City, I was dragged into Lululemon by a friend, and omg! The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is everything… My friend wanted to go in for a return and I decided to just browse while I waited. I scoffed at the $128 leggings, sifted through some sports bras, and then it happened…I found the most perfect belt bag—also called fanny packs and bum bags.

Brown Lululemon Belt Bag
I’d link to it, but it’s sold out 😭 Update: currently available, purchase here.

When I say perfect, I mean perfect. Since Lululemon isn’t usually on my radar, I had no idea that the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag was breaking the internet and selling out both in-store and online, but I now get why. It’s simple, lightweight, and large enough to fit my phone, keys, lipstick, hand sanitizer without being heavy or overwhelming. To make the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag even more perfect, it’s only $38. I should have bought one when I had the chance last weekend—because it’s now 100% sold out. Womp.

I’m sure Lululemon will restock them soon, but until then, all of us are out of luck. But don’t worry. I found some dupes! I already think the real version is a steal, but the below dupes are less than $38, look identical, and they all have raving reviews. Just see for yourself…

Until Lululemon Restocks Their Everywhere Belt Bag, Shop These Affordable Amazon Dupes…

Lululemon belt bag dupes
  1. Lanul$7.99
  2. ZORFIN$22.97
  3. FODOKO$23.99
  4. Pander$19.99
  5. METRICCHIMP$15.99
  6. ODODOS$18.98

Like the original Lululemon belt bag, all of these come in multiple colors. Check em out!

What are your thoughts on the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag? Let me know in the comments below!


Amanda Raye

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