6 Boho Chic Fashion Inspirations For This Summer

Posted May 11, 2022 by in Fashion

Ordinary clothes can be transformed into bohemian outfits. It all depends on mixing and matching different design patterns and prints—both floral and geometric—with earthy tones.

An essential factor to consider aside from the design is the fabric. You have to be selective about the material it’s made from. Cotton is the best fabric to wear during summer because it absorbs sweat and helps the body cool down through air circulation. On the other hand, some materials are not suitable for summer, like nylon, polyester, acrylic, fleece, and vinyl.   

If you’re curious and want to get a few boho-chic fashion inspiration ideas, you may refer to the list below.  

  1. Caftans 

A caftan is a flowing long sleeve garment up to the ankle. It’s usually made of silk or cotton. And because it’s made of cotton, it’s breathable and perfect for your summer trips to the beach and everywhere else.  

If you prefer something simple, you can go for an ordinary caftan. It looks good on its own due to its structure and silhouette. However, you have the option to wear a belt around your waist to accentuate your curves. Otherwise, you can always buy other variations from different brands like Natori’s luxury caftans.  

You don’t need to wear that much jewelry as you already have a belt. But if you want to, you may wear something simple like stud earrings.   

To complete your beach outfit, you can wear a sunhat with sandals, ballerina flats, or any flat shoes you own. You can also bring a tote bag with you—and, of course, sunblock!  

Finally, you can go for beach waves or lace braids for the hair.  

  1. Matching Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit 

If you’re not into dresses, you can wear an off-shoulder matching jumpsuit with wide-leg pants. There are different jumpsuit fabrics fit for summer. Remember to avoid silk at all costs. Silk is most suitable for cold weather.  

The jumpsuit goes well with sexy stilettos heels or sandal slides. Then, accessorize with a handbag.   

Now, you can do either plait braid, French braid, or Dutch braid with this look for the hair. But if you want to show off a bit of your collar bone and neck, you can do retro-glam hair.  

Lastly, you can wear a choker necklace, hoop earrings, and a bracelet or bangles to finish the look.  

  1. Crochet Crop Top 

You can still wear a two-piece set, but you can start with a crochet top instead of a matching pair. Be mindful of how see-through the crochet top is. To be safe, wear something underneath it. It would also be the perfect opportunity to show off your studded bralette or harness bra.   

Should you decide to wear studded bras, you don’t need to wear any necklace, but you can wear earrings.  

You can also pair the crochet top with a maxi skirt. However, if you’re not so keen on wearing skirts, you may opt to wear linen pants instead. Linen is also one of the best fabric types suitable for the summer heat.  

Finally, you can wear sandals or slides, a crochet bag, and an updo with a flower crown will look stunning with this look.   

  1. Crochet Long Sleeve 

This is still in the crochet category. While there are crochet long sleeve dresses, there are long sleeve tops as well. Even if it’s long sleeves, it’s still breezy as the cloth is not thick. It’s usually made of linen.  

The long sleeve crochet top goes well with denim shorts and gladiator sandals. You can do a loose fishtail braid for your hair and match it with a fringed shoulder bag, which best suits the entire look. Moreover, you may put on different kinds of rings, chokers, and loose necklaces.  

  1. Kimono 

Kimono robes are versatile. It can be worn to a formal event or parties at the beach or even as a robe for the bedroom. It all depends on what you put on underneath the kimono. 

You may do the following combinations with the printed kimono robe on top:  

  • Plain-colored top, denim shorts, straw sun hat, sneakers or boots, and a straw tote bag. And to complete the look, you can wear an anklet. 
  • Crop top, high waist linen pants, sunglasses, stilettos, loose bun, and feather earrings.  
  1. Kimono Top 

There is another way to style a different kind of kimono. The crop top kind of kimono can be paired with denim shorts or ripped jeans. You can tuck in the middle part of the kimono to show off your belt to style it.  

Your footwear can be any strapped shoes or gladiator sandals. A canvas shoulder bag and hoop earrings will complete the look.  

Bohemian-inspired clothing has evolved through the years. It has been a fashion icon staple as it’s low maintenance and easy to style. You just need to develop your style so it’s easier to mix and match. Otherwise, you can always check out the list below and change a few things to fit your needs.