6 Crucial Factors to Consider When Hiring Movers

Posted May 24, 2023 by in Lifestyle

According to the American Community Survey (ACS) data released in 2020, roughly 40 million US citizens moved houses in the past five years. With millions of Americans moving each year, it might be a miracle that all these moves go off without a hitch. Although some moves may go smoothly, fraud and scams still exist. So, unless you have opted for an entirely DIY move, you should be careful when hiring movers.

Picture this, you have done your research and selected professional movers. You even have scheduled the pickup and delivery dates and signed the contract with them. You are now at ease. Fast forward to your move date, and you find yourself standing in front of your new home, ready to settle in. But all your belongings are locked inside the truck by the movers. The reason? They have added many extra charges and threaten to withhold your possessions until you pay them. Regrettably, these kinds of scenarios are not uncommon. The people with whom you put your trust to make the move a breeze sometimes turn out to be unbearable. 

So, be extra vigilant and consider the factors discussed below before choosing the right movers:

  1. Services professional movers offer

To start, look for a moving company that provides various services. You can check the services by visiting the company’s site or contacting them over the phone. It would be best to hire the one that best meets your requirements.

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  1. License and insurance

There is no denying that the moving industry is fierce. Unfortunately, with so many moving companies, it is easy for an individual to fall victim to fake movers. 

These fraudulent companies often rob their customers of money. So, to avoid such scams, you must check the company’s license you plan to hire for your move. The country’s Department of Transportation is responsible for providing them with unique DOT numbers. You can ask the movers about their DOT number and check whether they are registered and their license is up-to-date.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the insurance and coverage policy of the movers. Of course, you don’t wish something terrible to happen to your valuable possessions. However, if any unexpected damage or loss may occur during the transit, the insurance coverage can come in handy and give you the protection you need. 

  1. Check estimates

Another important factor is your budget. Don’t go for the movers whose charges go above your defined budget. For this reason, it is always a best practice to get estimates of at least three companies and compare them before making your final choice.

Usually, companies give estimates based on two primary factors: the weight of your possessions and the distance required to move your belongings to your new home. For this, a good estimator will need to inspect your house (either in person or conduct a virtual survey) and make an inventory to give you an accurate estimate.

Additionally, it would be best to discuss everything beforehand to avoid unwanted chaos or surprises later on, such as payment methods, additional or hidden charges, refund or cancellation policy, deposit, etc.

  1. Reputation and reliability

Once you have listed the potential movers after checking their services, license, and insurance and getting estimates, your next step is to look for their reputation. 

When planning your move you can ask a family member, friend, colleague, or neighbor if they have first-hand experience with the company you plan to hire for your home relocation. This way, you can get honest reviews and be confident in your decision. 

  1. Experience 

Another critical factor you must never ignore is the company’s experience level you plan to hire. While hiring a novice business is perfectly fine, you don’t want to take risks with one of the most significant projects of your life.

Therefore, when searching for movers, ask how long the business has been operating in this industry. The longer they are in the business, the greater the chances they have the proper expertise to deal with the kind of move you are planning.

  1. Good customer service

Last but not least factor you must consider when making your final decision is choosing professional movers with a reliable crew and exceptional customer service. 

A good moving company will have a crew with the right attitude and admirable work ethics. They will be attentive to your needs and concerns before, during, and even after the move. They will also keep you in the loop and treat you respectfully. After all, their ultimate goal is to ensure their clients remain happy and satisfied and get the job done correctly. Thus, choosing these types of people can ensure a stress-free move. 

Let’s face it, to ensure a smooth move, there is more that goes on behind the scenes than it might seem. One best tip for a smooth and efficient move is to have a good strategy and seek help from professional movers. And while it might seem like an investment to you at first, it would be worthwhile in the end as it can help you save stress and time.

Plus, getting the help of experts can give you peace of mind during the relocation process. However, don’t just pick the first movers you come across. Instead, take your time, do your homework, and consider the factors above to hire reputable movers with high-quality services.