6 Family-Friendly Trip Ideas

Posted January 15, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Vacations are one of the most special times to share as a family, and the perfect opportunity to make the memories of a lifetime. Finding the ideal trip that everyone can enjoy together, however, can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge, especially when each member of your family has different tastes.

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To help you plan the perfect trip, here are a few great ideas that you can all enjoy together, whatever your passions and interests:

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Dive Into a Private Pool

If you’ve had a busy and hectic time recently as a family, one of the best ways to unwind together is by treating yourselves to a private bubble of comfort and coziness.

Villas with private pools are a fantastic option when you’d like a serene and peaceful getaway, where everyone can enjoy a little tranquillity and ease. With a private pool at hand, there’s no need to worry about full pool times or following the rules at public spaces, and kids can play and stay safe, without a worry.

It is also hard to beat the feeling of enjoying the serenity of sunbathing in your own private home away home, beneath the golden sunshine. So, if you’re looking for a little taste of luxury as a family, a private villa might be the perfect way to go.

Enjoy an Adventure in Nature

Getting out in the natural world has a whole host of benefits for adults and children alike, making nature-based trips a great option when you’re on the hunt for the ideal family getaway.

A taste of nature can encourage your family to spend more time outdoors, getting valuable nutrients from the sunshine, as well as plenty of fresh air. Outdoor activities, such as hiking on trails, climbing or swimming in open water, can also provide a refreshing taste of adventure, and encourage you to enjoy more physical activity. 

Another great advantage of doing more activities outdoors is that it might just encourage some family members who might be spending a little too much time on their digital screens to put them down and appreciate the natural world around them. With stunning natural landscapes and the lack of Wi-Fi or phone signal in most regions, you’ll often have no other option but to put the tablet or smartphone down and try out something new and exciting instead.

Soak up Some Fascinating Culture

Cultural trips and excursions aren’t just for grown-ups – they can also be fantastic family-friendly vacations too.

The world is packed with all kinds of fascinating culture, and wherever you go, you’re likely to find interesting historical sites, enchanting ruins and artifacts, and unique sights that will stay with you for a lifetime. Traveling to these destinations with children can also be a great way to encourage them to learn more about other cultures – and this can, in turn, inspire them to take up more challenging and rewarding activities, such as getting a new academic subject, or embracing another language.

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At the very least, you’ll also get some great shots together as a family, at some of the world’s most celebrated sights. More than anything, though, you’ll come away having learned more about each other and the world, with lessons that will always stay with you.

Theme Park Vacations

Some of the best family trips in the world happen in adventure and theme parks, and it’s not hard to see why.

These places are dedicated to family fun – with every corner of the park carefully crafted to maximize the enjoyment you can have together. With thrilling rides that your kids will want to go on, over and over again, an excellent variety of entertainment to suit all ages, and plenty of great family-friendly places to eat out, without worrying about spoiling other diners’ experiences, theme park trips are a simple and easy way to get out together as a family.

Best of all, you can never have too much of a good thing here, so if all of you have found a favorite destination, you can revisit it together as a family again and again, without losing any of the magic.

Camping Trips

Camping trips might not be for everyone – they can at times be challenging, after all. However, for families who love to get hands-on and have a spirit of adventure, a camping trip can be a wonderful experience.

You can make your camping trip as long or as short as you like. A single night beneath the stars, with a bonfire, marshmallows and plenty of stories through the late hours, can be just as memorable an experience as a long week as a dedicated campsite. 

Before you head out on a camping trip as a family, it’s a good idea to check out facilities and make sure you are fully prepared. While embracing the unexpected is part of the camping spirit, you might want to tick off some of the essential items on your list, to make sure that everyone has a happy time.

Head Out on a Cruise

Cruises aren’t just for retired couples—cruises can be a wonderful trip to enjoy together as a family regardless of the ages of your children. 

Going on a group cruise can open a world of new experiences and destinations, all enjoyed from the comfort of your cruise ship. Traveling onboard often means that you and your family have access to plenty of great entertainment, such as pools, games, dance classes and other fun activities, making sure that no one ever needs to complain about boredom while you’re en route to the next destination. You’ll also often find plenty of live entertainment, including singers and dancers, to keep you inspired throughout your journey.

Traveling by cruise ship also makes it much easier to explore new areas, as your boat will dock into port in specific locations, from which you can easily venture out. That means no complicated travel routes or having to worry about getting lost. Instead, everyone can relax onboard, enjoying fantastic weather and have a truly wonderful time. If you’re looking to go somewhere warm, the best Caribbean cruise destinations leave from a wide range of areas—from NYC to Miami.

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What do you and your family do when you go on vacation? Let us know in the comments below!