6 Foods to Add to Your Diet for Good Bone Health

Posted December 3, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

If you are frequently suffering from back pain or joint pain, you should focus on your diet. If your bone density reduces, it directly results in pain and fractures. If you want to prevent these things, you should eat some foods that help your bones get more robust.

Bone has a soft tissue called Bone Marrow. This tissue has stem cells, and it produces blood. So, your bone health decreases; it will impact your full body. So, read further to know about the 6 foods that can improve your bone health:

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is an essential food to add to your day if you want to increase your bone density. It has proteins and calcium in macros and also has phosphorus, potassium, and Vitamin D. These components help to strengthen your bones and eliminate the risk of Osteoporosis.

Yogurt is also helpful in increasing or preserving bone mass. Did we mention yogurt makes a great snack, too?!

  1. Tofu

Tofu is yet another excellent food to have to preserve your bone health. It has a rich amount of potassium, calcium, and protein. So, it has all components to make your bones healthy. It has additional 67 vital nutrients that make tofu a great food to include in your diet. Tuktuk Mart has a large selection of tofu that you may order if you live in the UK.

Not used to cooking with tofu? Check out these recipes!

  1. Cheese

Cheese is an excellent source of Vitamin D, Calcium, and Protein. If you have Osteoporosis or want to prevent this disease, cheese makes your bone marrow healthy and makes sure it doesn’t become fragile.

Cheese is suitable for your bones but not good for your heart. So, you need to regulate the consumption of cheese, and if you are working out, you can also increase consumption. You don’t want to have strong bones, but bad cholesterol.

  1. Spinach

If you are vegan or don’t want to eat a dairy product, Spinach is the best choice. A cup of cooked Spinach has almost 20 to 25% of your daily calcium intake, which is excellent for your bones and tissues.

Spinach also has a fair amount of Vitamin A, iron, and fiber.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are essential! It is the best protein source globally, and it has a high amount of vitamin D in it. This vitamin D contains 4 to 6% of your daily dose. It helps to improve the absorption of calcium in the bones and allows them to stay healthy.

You should never throw away the yolk because it has the essential nutrients for your bones.

  1. Fresh Orange Juice

Oranges have vitamin C that helps to form Collagen. This Collagen allows your bones to create a good bone structure. It has a tremendous amount of Vitamin A, crucial for overall skeletal growth and cell differentiation.

If you have a habit of drinking fresh Orange juice in the morning, maybe you don’t need to visit an orthopedic doctor in your life. 

These are the best food for your bone health. If you are suffering from any bone-related issue, you should increase the consumption of these foods.

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