6 Fun Yet Productive Things to Do During the Lockdown

Posted June 19, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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The Covid-19 lockdown has been ongoing for some time and might even get extended. It has forced us to maintain social distancing. In case you are feeling bored and fed up already, here are six fun yet productive things to try out while you’re stuck at home:

things to do during quarantine

Learn a New Language

All this time stuck at home can be utilized to learn a new language. A lot of us yearn to speak foreign languages on a trip, but never get the time to do it. Learning a language with an app or software is not only productive, but it is also a lot of fun.

This is the perfect time to start a free learning course on Duolingo or buy a Rosetta Stone language pack. If you already have some knowledge of the language and need a partner or buddy to practice with, there are many language sharing apps that you can use to connect with fellow learners all over the world.

Learning a language can also help you to take your mind off the constant news about the crisis and make you feel better.

Consult a Psychic Online

Speaking to a psychic is not only an interesting activity, but it can also be quite helpful for your personal growth during the lockdown. Psychics are empathetic and intuitive, which makes them ideal to share your problems with. They can also gain insight into your life and help you look for solutions to any problems you might be facing.

There are many websites where you can consult a free online psychic. Look for reputable websites so that you can gain from the psychic session.

Get a New Hobby

You must have fantasized about starting a new hobby for a long time but never got around to it. This is your chance to unleash your creativity and accomplish something that can make you feel good about yourself. Hobbies can be for a short term like knitting a sweater or solving puzzles, or it can be something like starting a blog or writing stories that you can continue once the lockdown is over.

It can also be something you wish to do with your partner or your children, like making videos for YouTube or editing your vacation pictures. Hobbies can be super fun yet highly productive, but their best part is that they give you a feeling of accomplishment that is very important for your emotional well being during the lockdown.

Share Your Thoughts

Sharing your thoughts with your friends and family can not only provide emotional support during the lockdown, but it can also be fun and a real stress reliever. Do not be selective about the thoughts you share. The silly ones can turn out to be the fun ones to discuss. You can also get to hear the silly thoughts of your friends or members of your family, which can be an opportunity to have a few laughs together.

Sharing can not only be supportive of you, it can be for the other person as well. Helping out someone is also great for your emotional well-being so be generous to provide emotional support to others. Remember, sharing is caring.

Self-Love and Pampering

Pampering yourself is always a lot of fun. You can take long baths with aroma oils while reading your favorite book, or paint your toenails. Moments of self-indulgence have an immense effect on your spirits and can leave you with a sense of euphoria and bliss.

Self-love can also be about reflecting on yourself and trying to access or redefine your goals. You can pause everything going on around you and take some time to understand if you are doing what you want with your life. Ask yourself if you are happy with your job, lifestyle, and family involvement.

Take this time to also do a personal SWOT analysis to understand if you are utilizing your true potential to achieve all that you desire.

Learn Cooking

Before the lockdown started, all of us were used to eating outside or getting food delivered at home. Cooking at home was a luxury most of us could not afford due to time constraints. But now is your chance to wake up your inner chef and impress others with your cooking skills. There are innumerable cooking channels and videos on YouTube for every skill level and every possible cuisine in the world.

Try out simple recipes to start with since getting a lot of ingredients might be difficult or problematic right now.

Whatever you choose to do, do not compromise your safety during the lockdown. Maintain social distancing and stay safe.