6 Good Reasons to Choose Student Accommodations

Posted May 25, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Most students dream of excitement when they dream of their life after school. They assume there will be night-outs, fun, and so many adventures. However, then they come to terms with the prospectus of their universities. The rules seem tough and on-campus dormitories sound torturous. So, they get lured into the trap of buying apartments or renting them at such high costs by the real estate brokers, who are naturally profiting from these non-suspecting students. 

However, the following are a few reasons why student accommodations are far better than apartments:

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No Extra Charges

To begin with, the rent of a flat is far more than that of a hostel. Secondly, at a flat, you arrange for everything from the kitchen to the bedroom, unless of course, you buy a furnished flat, which obviously would get as expensive as it provides.

However, most student accommodations come with electricity bills and food covered. Yes, you read that, right! The money you save will later come in handy when you want to plan road trips or go exploring your city.

Meet People Going Through Your Struggle

When you rent a flat out, you may not always get people who are on par with your lifestyle. You may have roomies who work or stay up late at night, thus, disturbing your routine and mindset. In student accommodations, there are various rules in place to ensure that does not happen. Furthermore, everyone in there is away from home so, you will naturally be less stressed and more comfortable there, and you may end up making friends too.  

Get a Taste of Responsibilities

You would get an option to cook your food and do your own laundry at most student accommodations, while you may have done this at home, you would learn how to do it better when your life depends on it. This is the best way to learn while also ensuring you do not feel uncomfortable or tired. 

Stay Close to Your College

Most high-rising buildings and residential complexes do not really happen in the neighborhood of a university, so that means your rented place will cost you a lot. You will daily need to pay for bus, bike, or however you choose to get to your classes.

With student accommodations, you will always be close to your campus since they are built around the area. Thus, even if you wake up late, you have a bit of better luck and lower cost to pay not to miss your lectures.

More Safety

Not to forget, most student accommodations are extra cautious. Since they are housing kids, these places would come with a security guard, cameras, sensors, and everything you would need to be assured that you are safe. Furthermore, you aren’t going to be there alone. There will be other students, staff members, landlord, or guardians always to keep you company. Security is a primary factor to look for while selecting student housing.

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Got it all!

Now, we know what you are thinking. Would you have to share bathrooms? Would you get your space? Contrary to what you think, student accommodations provide you with various options. You can choose from sharing and private basis rentals.

Naturally, the price would be higher for single occupancy, but you would still get all the above perks which independent flats or bungalows can not boast of. Moreover, you will still be able to switch between different arrangements in your student accommodation flexibly.

We are sure that you would have a great adventure coming if you pick the right student accommodation for yourself. Good luck with searching!