6 Great Reasons to Join Your Local Tradies Social Club

Posted February 13, 2023 by in Lifestyle
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It’s a beautiful morning as you awake trying to put things into perspective. It doesn’t seem that long ago that you were waking up to freezing cold dismal weather, but now you find yourself living in The Shires, to the south of Sydney on the other side of the world.

You met a beautiful woman who transformed your life, before you tied the knot, and you then received a visa to stay in Australia. You want to put down proper roots. The local pub seemed alright for a drink, but there was something missing. You now have found the perfect social answer when a work colleague introduced you to https://tradies.com.au/. You are applying for membership for 6 great reasons.

  1. You immediately felt at home with its warm welcome from employees and members alike, which was totally different to some of the cliquish parochial clubs you didn’t enjoy back home, where you received scowls if you inadvertently sat where another member sometimes did.
  2. The community club was welcoming to all members and to you as a guest. The modern environment, décor and temperature were all perfect, as was the condition that the beer was kept in. There was an excellent range of all kinds of competitively priced drinks to choose from in the relaxed bar which had multiple TV’s showing live sports. Maybe your wife will like trying different flavours of gin.
  3. You enjoy having a punt, so having a TAB facility was just what you wanted, with TV’s staying on after the bar shut. Again, another opposite to the UK and its draconian laws. And amazingly enough because you are living within a 5km radius, there is a courtesy car service to transport you to your local club and then back home again between 6pm and midnight from Thursday to Saturday. A fantastic innovation to deter members for drink driving.
  4. Families are welcome with a kid’s club and outdoor playground, which allows everyone to have fun. You will be suggesting to your wife that you go along with her sister’s family and their children.
  5. It’s not just alcohol available, with the club having a café offering delicious coffee, cakes, and light meals. And as for the food. Well, you just got a snack on this occasion, but a full meal is on your wish list next time, as the bistro was serving some tremendous choices. The fellas with the steaks and pizzas seemed especially impressed. Maybe a walk discovering old railway tunnels will build up your appetite.
  6. The rewards for becoming a member are also outstanding, receiving a deduction of 15% on food and drinks, along with discount vouchers, membership draws and a reward program. The balcony will be the perfect place to enjoy this and lots more when both you and your wife enrol.

Your membership as a member of the local tradies will provide you with a great place to meet new friends in a superb modern facility where everyone is welcome.