6 Homecoming Dresses Under $160

Posted July 26, 2013 by in Shopping

Believe it or not…homecoming season is right around the corner! Why not plan ahead and get your dress now so you’re not stressing out in September? Below are six stylish homecoming dresses from dress first that will make you the most beautiful girl at your high school or college homecoming!

We love Dress First because they take out the guessing game when it comes to your size. Each dress is made to your exact measurements — you can even pick the colors! As long as you measure yourself correctly…you won’t have to worry about the dress not fitting. They also have a range of sizes; 2-26.

1. Girly

Every girl needs to wear an obnoxious, poofy and beautiful dress at least once in their life time, and to be honest…there won’t be many situations past the age of 25 where a dress like this will be appropriate. What we’re trying to say is…do it now!



 2. Traditional

You can’t go wrong with a traditional dress. You’ll get the most bang for your buck since you’ll be able to wear the dress to multiple occasions; your cousin’s wedding, a holiday party or even a work event.



3. Unique

Really stand out in the crowd with a unique dress! We really like the feather-like bottom of the dress below.



4. Sexy

Turn heads for a different reason with a form fitting dress with a ton of bling!



5. Preppy

Love simple yet feminine dresses? We love this one below! There’s no bling so you can make it as sparkly as you want with jewelry. A statement necklace from Baublebar would look super fab!



6. Black

You can never go wrong with a little black dress…NEVER! Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this dress and some faux diamond earrings.



What style of dress are you going to wear to your homecoming? Let us know in the comments below!