6 Impressive Gift Ideas for Her That Cost Less Than $50 Bucks

Posted June 17, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Trying to get her a gift, but worried about the prices? Unique and cool gifts can actually be affordable. For all the gentlemen who struggle with finding the perfect gift for her, below are six gift ideas that will leave her praising your gift giving skills, and they all cost less than $50:

  1. A Time Piece

Skip the expensive jewelry that is beyond your budget and go for a classic watch that will be a part of her outfit daily. This Roman strap watch is a perfect gift for her if her style is sleek and sophisticated.

She can take it with her everywhere, and every time she needs to check the time, she will be reminded of you. How romantic is that?  This gift idea will ensure you rise in the gift-giving hierarchy in her life, all without straining your finances as it goes for only $16.99.

  1. Flowers

There are flowers for literally every occasion making this one of the best gift ideas for her. And, luckily, you can get them delivered as a surprise to her on the same day. Head over to Boise Best Florist and select a bouquet for her.  Here are a number of other flower and fruit related gift ideas in case you’re interested.

  1. Handwritten Bracelet

Move over dainty bracelets and welcome creative, unique, and handwritten bracelets. I mean, what an awesome gift! You only need to write down your message, snap it, and send it to the shop owner for an actual handwritten bracelet. And to make the deal better, it only goes for $28.  It has a personalized touch to it that she will definitely love.

  1. A Slow Cooker

This great gift idea is for the women who have a busy lifestyle and are always on the go. Get her this programmable cook and carry slow cooker that fits perfectly into her busy schedule. It serves over seven people, has a secure fitting lid, and lets her prepare meals at the touch of her button without demanding her attention.

  1. A Jewelry Box 

Make her feel that your gift was well thought out by gifting her a jewelry box. It will help her organize her jewelry, and she will get to store various pieces in it to avoid damage or misplacement. As a bonus, add the handwritten bracelet to the box as a hidden surprise.

  1. Gateway Duffle Bag

Packing for short getaways can be a struggle for women. Get her a stylish duffel bag that is spacious enough to fit her belongings. To make it a great gift, make sure it has compartments for the different things she will be packing.

Gifts are meant to invoke feelings of joy and appreciation from her and leave you feeling satisfied and not financially drained. These gift ideas for her ensure you get her impressive gifts without breaking the bank. We aim to do the heavy lifting for you and bring you great life ideas.

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