6 Individual Sports You Should Try This Year

Posted June 26, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman cycling

We cannot deny that in every household there is at least one sports fanatic. Some people derive their sense of accomplishment from practicing a certain sport. It is important for children to practice any kind of sport from a young age as it helps in shaping their personalities. Specifically speaking, individual sports boost our self-esteem and make us believe more in ourselves.

Individual sports are for people who don’t like to rely on others to play or expect them to perform well. Unlike with team sports,  you would have a more flexible schedule when it comes to training times. They can also help you focus on your personal growth.

To familiarize you with multiple individual sports, here are 6 sports that you should try this year:


We are starting off with one of the most common individual sports that almost everyone has participated in at some point in their lives. If you want to build a healthy and good-looking physique, then this is the sport for you. Practicing a sport that moves your arms, legs, shoulders, and core muscles will give you satisfying results. 

Learning how to swim is a necessity because you never know when your swimming skills will come in handy. Additionally, when you’re a good swimmer, summer vacations get more exciting and the ocean becomes less fearsome. You can even take it up a notch by going diving or spearfishing next time. Just make to sure to invest in high-quality gear and equipment such as wetsuits, gloves and freediving fins.

woman doing the back stroke in a pool


We often hear that this sport is only for the rich due to the expensive equipment we need to engage in the activity. But, the truth is that you can find good quality equipment that is affordable. ? You can also consider purchasing used ones and you don’t actually have to carry all different kinds of clubs when you’re just starting out.

Golf can be challenging as it needs sharp senses and accurate distance estimations. After you learn the basics, there is equipment that can help you in bringing your A-game. Well, there are golf distance finders that have become popular with golfers and luckily, you can get an affordable rangefinder that works with GPS or laser according to which skills you’re looking to improve. If you don’t know where to start then look up reviews online to gain a better understanding of what you should go for.

Apart from the equipment, golf helps with increasing mental awareness, reducing stress and anxiety, and losing weight. Joining golfing events would help with your social and communication skills as well.

Woman playing golf

Martial Arts

Anime lovers would definitely know what we are talking about here. Martial Arts are combat traditions that have been practiced for self-defense and physical development. They were mainly performed in East Asia where they first originated. Taekwondo, boxing, Judo, and Jujitsu fall under the umbrella term of martial arts.

Moreover, they have been practiced for spiritual reasons to get you more in touch with your inner self. Legend has it that the first to practice unarmed martial arts was a monk who developed Zen Buddhism. 

Karate kick


This sport is loved by a huge number of people owing to its availability and of course, the lovely outfits. There are a variety of tennis rackets that you can choose from depending on your budget and which level you’re at.  

Tennis outperforms other individual sports in improving your personality traits. It helps with your overall fitness and cardiovascular health. Scientists recognized it as the best sport to help you reach optimal physical health. On top of that, it allows for more mental growth by stimulating the formation of new networks between the brain and the nerves.

Woman with white nail polish holding a tennis racket

Pole Dancing

For ages, pole dancing didn’t exceed being more than a form of dancing because no one took the time to look at it differently. But lately, it is being practiced by professional gym enthusiasts. Pole dancing consists of a set of acrobatic moves and dances centered around a pole. 

It has been recognized as a sport that increases your fitness, flexibility, and muscle endurance. Practicing pole dancing regularly improves your core muscles and helps tremendously in weight loss. It is getting acknowledged as an Olympic sport as well.

The beauty of it lies in its flexibility and that it is not limited to a certain age, weight, or body type. 

Woman in white dress pole dancing


Breathing fresh air while burning calories must be a favorite for a lot of people. While cycling, it’s all about you, the bicycle, and the road. This activity can be done alone which is sure to aid in relieving stress. It can also be a method of transportation, so you start your day with a healthy workout that keeps your circulation running. 

People who commute by bicycle every day can benefit from using an electric or gas-powered motorized bike. It gives the rider a power boost to cover long distances and conquer uphill roads with a breeze, without the cyclist having to exert too much energy. It allows the rider to take breaks without stopping, so they can cycle for a longer period.

Additionally, it helps in improving your coordination and your back posture. If you want to pursue it professionally, it is definitely an Olympic sport that is beloved and praised by millions! 

woman holding a bike in the air

Whether you are a traditional sports lover or simply want to get out of your comfort zone, there are individual sports for every taste and type. Also, remember that it is never too late to try a new sport and this 2020 might be the perfect year for you to up your fitness game.

Bonus Tip: Disc Golf

Disc golf is another fantastic individual sport that offers a unique twist to the traditional game of golf. Instead of using clubs and golf balls, players throw specially designed discs at targets called baskets. The goal is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible. Disc golf courses can be found in various outdoor settings, including parks, forests, and even urban areas, making it accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. 

girl playing disc golf

If you’re interested in exploring this exciting sport, be sure to check out The Albatross, a comprehensive resource for disc golf enthusiasts. From equipment recommendations to course directories and instructional videos, their website has everything you need to get started and improve your disc golf game. So grab your discs, head outdoors, and enjoy the thrill of disc golf!