6 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Posted February 17, 2020 by in Home

When you are on a tight budget, you simply may not have much money to spruce up your home. Luckily, there are ways you can improve your home without spending a lot, even if you have limited craft skills, so here are some ideas to get you started:

Paint Or Upholster Furniture

You may be thinking that sprucing up furniture will mean you need certain skills, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be. For example, you can easily reupholster dining chair by simply taking it apart and using the existing fabric as a pattern, and you don’t need to know how to sew as you use a heavy duty stapler gun.

It’s also easy to paint furniture if the wood is looking a little dated, chipped or old. Chalk paint can be applied over existing varnish or paint, so no need to sand things down first. You can then go for a smooth wax finish, or use sandpaper to get a rustic, shabby chic effect.

white dresser and record player

Opt For Different Flooring

Simply changing the flooring in your room can make a big difference, without needing to completely redecorate. Flooring need not be expensive. If you visit aflooringboutique.co.uk, you can see some of the different options available and how they change the look of a room.

Consider putting down wooden or vinyl flooring to create a more contemporary look, or carpeting areas like stairs or hallways in a bright color to give your home a welcoming vibe. 

Boho decor with colorful rug


Many homes could be much improved by decluttering, which costs nothing and can even help you raise money. Only keep hold of things that are useful, decorative or sentimental, then consider getting rid of the rest. Many items can be sold on eBay or Facebook, which gives you some cash to redecorate, and items that are no longer useable can be recycled.

cluttered room

Improve Curb Appeal

If you pull up outside your home and despair that it looks a mess, then working on your curb appeal will help. Luckily, it’s cheap and easy to improve your curb appeal, it mainly involves tidying your front yard, trimming back bushes and painting your front door. Simply adding a pot of flowers may be enough. 

If your house needs repainting, then it’s usually best not to attempt this yourself unless you’re confident on a ladder. 

Improve Curb Appeal


Rooms that need updating don’t necessarily need a full renovation, often a few extra accessories will make a big difference. For example, you can cover up an old sofa with a nice throw and add some plush cushions or add a large canvas print to a wall rather than repainting it.

The good thing about accessorizing, rather than buying entirely new furniture sets for a room, is that you can change your mind and update whenever you like.

Boho chic decor

Update Your Kitchen Cupboards

Remodeling your kitchen can cost thousands of dollars, and many people wish they could bring this room up to date. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you think, you can give your kitchen a facelift by adding vinyl to the cupboard doors or repainting them.

If you’re feeling really crafty, you could even learn to tile over old, dated walls, or replace the countertops. It’s surprising how much you can do by yourself. 

tile backsplash

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