6 Innovative Trends in Beauty and Skincare

Posted May 31, 2022 by in Beauty
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Undoubtedly, the beauty and skincare industry is ever-evolving. Every year a new ingredient or an innovative trend is rising in the bars. So, the innovative trends are greatly dynamic and diverse. 

Be its plant-based ingredients, inhalable products, upcycling products, microbiome friendly products, to minimalist beauty solutions; there is a never-ending scope for innovative trends to emerge. These trends will surely resonate with any individual’s skincare philosophy. 

We have curated the best Social Media Beauty Trends in persuasion. So, keep scrolling!

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6 top innovative trends in beauty and skincare

Blue light sunscreen 

Digitalization has made people spend most of their time in front of screens. However, only a few know that screen time is not only bad for the eyes; but it also affects your skin. More and more screen time leads to:

  • skin aging
  • hyperpigmentation
  • collagen breakdown
  • redness and inflammation

When we can’t avoid screen time, how could you prevent its ill effects on your skin? Straightforwardly, you can only prevent this by applying light blue sunscreen

Yes! A light blue sunscreen protects you outdoors and also indoors from your screens. 

Custom-made products

 Gone are the days when just one beauty product was the right fit for all. Today, people reject ‘one size fits all standards.

More and more brands are switching over to customize beauty and skincare products as per skin types and personalized needs. For instance, pre-made and pro-made 3D, 5D, 8D, 10D, 14D, fuller, and faster lash supplies are made possible to give that instant volume to your eyelashes. 

With the right convergence of science, beauty, and technology with eCommerce, custom beauty has made remarkable progress today. Furthermore, such custom-made products are made available to customers at their doorsteps.

Products repairing the skin barrier

The skin barrier is of utmost importance. It controls the way your skin feels and looks. It does a lot for you, including controlling fine lines, acne, dryness, irritation, etc. Therefore, the beauty and skincare industry has talked about the skin barrier in the past few years. 

Additionally, products like sheet masks, serums, moisturizers, etc., are brought forth for customers. These products contain hyaluronic acid, seaweed, and peptides as essential ingredients. All this works its best to heal a compromised skin barrier effectively and efficiently.

Hair scrubs

Another innovative trend is scalp scrubs. Similar to the need to scrub the body and face to maintain healthy skin, these hair scrubs are formulated to perform an array of functions like:

  • get rid of dead skin cells
  • remove product build-up 
  • tackle any excess oil trapped in the scalp

Hair scrubs contain mild beneficial ingredients like glycolic acid/mandelic acid. Additionally, these scrubs contain aloe vera, a hydrating agent that helps to exfoliate the dead skin off your scalp. All such essential ingredients work best without leaving the scalp or hair dry.

Waterless beauty products 

Concerning water shortages and the requirement for goods with higher efficacy, beauty and skincare products are developed with waterless formula. 

Such products contain minimal to no water. As there is no water, there aren’t any germs, so these products are developed without adding preservatives. Moreover, without added preservatives, which are known to affect hormones, waterless products are the best. 

Highly concentrated products need a little amount to show remarkable benefits. The waterless product trend is getting tremendous attention, primarily available in solid or powder forms.

Lip blushing

The final innovative trend on our list is that everybody dreams for- waking up with a natural lip tint. With the latest innovations, this is entirely possible now. 

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattooing technique. In this procedure, color pigments are deposited onto lips using a small needle. This procedure not just gives natural and lightly colored lips but improves the shape of your lips. 

Woman using a pink quartz roller on her forehead

The scope of innovation and trends in the beauty and skincare industry is diverse and dynamic. However, we have discussed only a fraction of the trends in this industry. Still, these trends are a sign that things are progressing slowly but for sure and in the right direction. 

Despite all such trends, there is scope for several such innovations to make this a more inclusive industry for everybody.