6 Man-Cave Must-Haves In 2021

Posted January 13, 2021 by in Lifestyle

2020 got you down? Now that we are heading into a new year, it’s time to start looking after yourself, and what better way than with a man cave?

Women’s magazines are packed with “self-care” tips like spa breaks and skincare, but now it is time to take self-care to the next level by creating a man cave just for you…or woman-cave, cause everyone deserves a self-care spot.

Why A Man Cave?

In these troubled times, sometimes a guy needs a little palace to escape to that is all his. Somewhere he can hang out with his buddies, drink beer, and talk trash. 

Man caves, or a room in the house dedicated to just the male occupant, have been a mainstay in American homes for many years. Originally being the shed in the 1950s, they’ve evolved into tech-packed spaces for relaxation and escape from the outside world.

Here are six things your man cave needs in 2021, things for you and your friends to enjoy while you chill out and relax from a stressful day:

A Giant TV or Projector

Nothing says ‘man cave’ quite like a giant TV hanging off the wall. They’re great for watching the big game with your buddies or movies with your significant other. Or if TV seems too mainstream for you, you can always up your game and go for a high-end laser projector to really show off!

Gaming Options

Gaming is a great way to escape life’s humdrum and get lost in an alternate world for a few hours, and no man cave should be without gaming options.

Consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are popular, but for some classic retro gaming get yourself a classic arcade game from homeleisuredirect.com to really wind back the years.

Comfy Seating

Do you want to spend time sitting on a hard chair in front of a stark table in your man cave? Thought not. Get a big comfy sofa, a giant oversized beanbag or two, or maybe even invest in a full-on gaming chair to really set the mood and get things comfy in your chill-out space.

Beer Fridge

Beer with your buddies while you’re watching the big game? Sounds great. Whether it’s basketball, football, hockey, or any other big sport, having a beer with your mates in your man cave it practically the law!

Get yourself a decent fridge and stock it with ice-cool brews, and if you cannot fit in a full-sized fridge, or are cautious about your energy usage, mini countertop fridge that can fit a few cans in is good enough.

Movie Memorabilia

Old movie posters and action figures may be something you thought you’d have to give up when you became a “grown-up” but there’s a huge marketplace for classic movie memorabilia and even memorabilia of new movies.

Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, get a display cabinet for those action figures, as they’ll be worth something someday.

Sound System

No man cave is complete without a decent sound system. You don’t want to skimp here, as instead you should to invest in quality, and get a surround sound system to help you really get invested in the movie you’re watching or game that you’re playing!