Music Festival Fashion: 6 Rules You Should Follow If You Want to Stand out at Coachella

Posted October 22, 2019 by in Fashion

Music festivals are so much fun! From the fun vibes and atmosphere, to the outstanding style statements people make, there is never a dull moment. If you’re a Coachella novice, you already know that you really need to pay attention to what you wear if you want to get noticed. I mean…who doesn’t want to be featured in Vogue or on Refinery29?

If you have never been to Coachella (or any music festival for that matter), consider these rules so you can stand out and feel confident when festival season begins in the Spring:

Rule #1: Maintain your Style Sense

Remember that you are going to a music festival, not a Halloween party. So there is no need to skip your personal style and opt for something that you would not have in your wardrobe or wear otherwise. The best bet is to maintain your personal style sense and just play with it a little by adding a retro vibe.

It is all about being creative without crossing the limits of your regular style. After all, you would not want to feel uncomfortable wearing something that is just not you!

all white outfit at coachella

Rule #2: Pick a Statement Piece

With the Coachella look, you need just one piece that you can highlight to create the perfect festival attire. While you cannot go wrong with the bohemian vibe, the rock and roll look is another sure winner. Have one trendy piece at the center of your outfit and just mix and match it with some basics from your wardrobe and you will surely be able to rock the look.

It could be a tiny dress or a tube top and skirt combo that you can accessorize with a bright scarf and hoop earrings. If you don’t know what type of statement piece to go with for your next music festival, consider a flashy piece from Rave Wonderland.

coachella style idea

Rule #3: Opt For a Fringy Piece

One festival dressing rule that every fashionista swears by is adding a fringy piece to your ensemble. There are options galore; It could be a fringed dress, top, shorts, bag or even boots. The fact that fringy stuff is in trend these days makes it essential for your music festival look.

Fringy pieces look cute and add an edgy appeal to your look as well. 

Coachella outfit ideas

Rule #4: Prioritize Functionality and Comfort

Since you would be out all day, your outfit should offer comfort along with functionality. At the same time, it needs to ace the style game. Look for festival fashion that blends function and style because you cannot afford to miss on either of these.

Favor lightweight fabrics and easy drapes because they always look and feel good. Short dresses make a great pick for music festivals and so do rompers, jeans, skirts, and shorts. Whichever option you choose, make sure that the fit is right and you feel comfortable in the outfit. 

Woman wearing a white crop top and light blue jeans

Rule #5: Don’t Go Too Revealing

If you think that dressing in a revealing outfit is going to make you the center of attention at the festival, you are mistaken. You may make heads turn, but for the wrong reasons, which you would not want to do. The best advice is to leave your bikini tops for the beach (if you go to Coachella, you’ll be in the desert).

Even if you want to wear one at a music festival, layer it with a button-down shirt or a short denim jacket instead of wearing it as a stand-alone top. You have fairly good chances of winning the style game with the trending layered look.

woman with a blackwork stomach tattoo

Rule #6: Pay Attention to Your Footwear as Well

When it comes to accessorizing your Coachella attire with the right footwear, you need something that matches and feels easy as well. Look for a pair of cute booties to team with your mini dress or shorts. Stick to sandals if you want to keep your feet open. Opt only for flats because you may need to walk around a lot and heels will just have your feet hurting at the end of the day. Steer clear of flip flops because they make it tough to tread through the crowds. 

Girl wearing white boots in LA

Besides following these festival fashion rules with your outfit and footwear, choose the right accessories as well. Avoid wearing chunky jewelry as it will only make you look loud. Similarly, wear bright makeup but don’t make it too bold.

When it comes to festive fashion, stick to the fundamental rule of less is more and you will definitely be able to win the style game. Have you ever been to Coachella? Let us know in the comments below!