6 Natural Remedies to Get Clearer Skin

Posted July 7, 2020 by in Beauty
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There are at least 1,000 different species of bacteria found in and on the skin. Many of these organisms are helpful, as they help to counter the harmful effects of the “bad” skin bacteria. Moreover, these good bacteria help maintain the skin’s optimal pH levels.

Unfortunately, pollution, stress, cosmetics, and even hormones can affect the skin’s clarity. All these factors can then make your skin prone to impurities, or worse, early aging and acne! Acne alone affects over 90 percent of the world’s population in any given year.

The good news is, there are several natural remedies for clearer skin that you can use at home. Include these in your daily skincare regimen, and you can be part of the 10 percent of the population without acne.

Ready to learn all about the top natural ways to get clear skin? Then let’s dive right into it!

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  1. Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Probiotics are a type of “good bacteria” known for their beneficial effects on the gut. However, researchers have also found evidence that they can inhibit P. acnes. P. acnes is the main pathogenic species associated with acne development.

According to scientists, probiotics can help fight off acne by producing antibacterial proteins. Topical probiotics have also shown to boost the skin’s antimicrobial properties.

Best of all, you can find probiotics in healthy food like yogurt, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, and miso. That makes the intake of these “good bacteria” some of the best and most natural ways to clear skin.

  1. Get Some CBD Into Your System

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Researchers say that its antioxidant effects are more potent than vitamins C and D.

As a powerful antioxidant, CBD may help protect your skin from skin cell death due to oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that creates free radicals. Free radicals, on the other hand, can damage cells, cell protein, and cell DNA.

There are many other potential benefits of CBD in skincare, including acne protection. It may also help ease the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions, such as psoriasis. It also boasts of antimicrobial and nerve-protective effects.

Research on CBD’s health benefits is still ongoing. Early findings, however, suggest that it may even help treat skin cancer!

  1. Wash up With Natural Skin Cleansing Grains

Some of the best home remedies for a clean face are cleansers made of colloidal oatmeal. Colloidal oatmeal consists of finely-ground oat grains, which you can use to exfoliate. Studies found that it has direct antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Moreover, oatmeal can help soak up excess skin oil, which can result in acne if left on the skin for too long. Using powdered oatmeal as a gentle scrub can also help remove debris and dead skin cells. Besides, oats are full of saponins, which is why they have a mild, soap-cleaning effect.

Aside from oatmeal, you may also use finely-ground rice as your base cleansing grain. You can then add some water to turn the powder into a paste and use it as a facial wash.

  1. Let Your Skin (And Body) Recover With Enough Sleep

Teenagers need at least eight to 10 hours of sleep, while adults should get at least seven to nine hours of ZZZs. If you’re not meeting this recommended sleep range, your entire body — and not only your skin — is at serious risk. 

For starters, it’s while you sleep that your body recovers from the wear and tear it has sustained during the day. This applies not only to your skin but also to your muscles, brain, organs — pretty much your whole body. 

One way that your body heals as you sleep is through an increased rate of blood flow. This, in turn, boosts the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout your entire body. 

The more oxygen and nutrients that your skin gets, the more collagen it can rebuild. At the same time, your skin repairs UV damage, one of the top causes of premature skin aging. Excessive UV exposure is, in fact, the primary cause of most types of skin cancer

  1. Don’t Forget to Moisturize

The use of plant-based moisturizers, like neem, might be all that you need to get naturally clear skin. Researchers found that neem extracts exhibited anti-acne and moisturizing effects. The same goes for licorice and green tea.

Applying moisturizers on your skin is especially important if you have dry skin. Dry skin, like oily skin, is also prone to acne and breakouts. The drier your skin is, the higher your risk for acne, as your skin will try to compensate by producing more oil.

Besides, dry skin is more susceptible to injuries, as it can be very itchy.

You can make your very own moisturizer from the extracts of plants like neem or green tea. You can even just grind up the leaves and apply it on your face like a mask! What’s important is to apply moisturizer at least every night before you head to bead.

As such, sleep deficiencies can result in incomplete and improper healing. That should be enough reason for you to meet your recommended sleep range.

  1. Take the Time to Relax

Did you know that the higher the stress levels, the more severe the acne symptoms can be? So, if you always feel stressed, it’s time for some rest and relaxation. Something as simple as taking a long shower or bath can already be quite relaxing.

Meditation, yoga, and exercise can also help you melt away tension and stress. Moreover, these are activities that can help quiet all that noise in your head. A quiet mind, in turn, can help you sleep better, which, as mentioned above, is key to overall health.

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There you have it, your ultimate guide on the top natural remedies for clearer skin! With these, you may no longer need pricey or fancy commercial skincare products.

However, it’s best to have an allergy test before using any of these plant ingredients. This way, you don’t have to worry about adverse skin reactions.

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