6 of the Best Places to Buy Shoes Online

Posted September 5, 2019 by in Shopping
best places to buy shoes

Are you in need of new shoes, but don’t have time to hit up the store? Well, why not buy your shoes online? From Nike to Supreme, pretty much every brand of shoe can be purchased online with just a couple of clicks.

But with so many websites out there, it can be hard to tell which ones are legitimate. The last thing you want to do is give your credit card information to a company that’s less than credible. That’s why we’re here —to share the best places to buy shoes online:

best places to buy shoes online


Nordstrom may have started out as just a brick-and-mortar retailer, but they’ve made a successful transition into the online space as well. They have a lot of great initiatives that make shopping online for shoes easy. For example, they offer same-day delivery system and even allow you to reserve shoes online and try to in-store.

Not a fan of shipping costs or delays?  Nordstrom will let you buy online and pick up your order in their store. That means you can go to the store, skip the line, and bring your shoes home whenever you want.


Zappos was one of the first online shoe companies, so they know how to do it better than many of their competitors. Zappos has won over customers worldwide with their fast and free shipping, awesome returns, and 24/7 customer support. They’ve also launched some new motivational programs, including Zappos Adaptive, which is a shopping experience for people living with disabilities.


DSW is another staple when it comes to the shoe game. While they may have physical stores, they fulfill close to half of their orders online. They have some of the best online inventory for shoes, which means you can easily get the shoes you want without worrying about it being available in the options you need.


Acquired by Jet.com in 2017, Shoes.com has become a big player in the e-commerce space. They carry an extensive range of brands, such as Sam Edelman and Toms. They’ve also heavily invested in their logistics, so they can get orders to customers faster than most of their competitors.

Kicks Crew

If you’re looking for the newest arrivals or a way to pre-order popular shoes before they hit the market, Kicks Crew is the place for you. They carry virtually every brand, from Nike and Air Jordan to Off-White and Supreme. They even offer free shipping!

Foot Locker

Are you in need of athletic footwear? If so, Foot Locker may be your best bet! They offer sporting shoes for a variety of sports, including basketball, golf, tennis, and even cheerleading. They also let you easily narrow your search to the features that matter most for you, so you can exactly what you want from your shoes.

In today’s digital world, buying everything you want online has never been easier.  Now that you know the best places to buy shoes online, you can bring home the perfect pair in no time.

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