6 Overlooked Ways to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget

Posted July 18, 2019 by in Home
Ways to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget

Are you someone who wants to live in a nice apartment or house, but feels like high-quality décor is always out of reach due to your budget? It’s easy to get jealous of friends and family who splurge on lavish kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, and a brand-new pool. But what if you could put that energy toward sprucing up your home with budget-friendly tactics like buying kitchen cookware and utensils from kitchenultimate.com at discounted rates or watching DIY youtube videos to update items and rooms in your home.

We’re not talking about complete makeovers. If that’s what you’re seeking, you really might just have to suck it up and save. But a home that just looks better? That’s entirely doable.

You can spruce up your home and make it feel fancy with these 6 ideas…some of which you might not have thought to try:

1.     Replace Your Bathroom Mirror

If a complete bathroom remodel is just too much, you can drastically upgrade the space with the best bathroom mirrors. With elegant frames and beautiful glass in any style, a brand-new mirror will command attention. You’ll get tons of compliments. Some people might even think you really did get a renovation!

2.     Tuck Away Your Router

Whether you keep your internet router in your living room, home office, or bedroom, its presence will immediately cheapen the entire room. It should be either stored neatly with other tech gadgets on a shelf, underneath a desk, or completely out of sight.

This step is completely free: simply unplug and tuck your router somewhere that’s less noticeable. Stash it behind books on a shelf!

3.     Add a Bookshelf or Shelving Unit

If you have the extra space for it, buying a brand-new shelf is a perfect way to move any excessive knick-knacks, books, and basically anything that piles up into a neatly organized section.

If you’re into gadgets and have a habit of leaving your tech scattered throughout your living space, move them to a new shelf. This will give you an excuse to show off all the cool stuff you have in on neat place!

4.     Get Crafty

If you’ve been dying for new pillowcases, wallpaper, or wall décor, try making your own before you go over-budget on a shopping spree.

All you have to do is pick out fabric and dust off your sewing machine. With some practice, it’s completely possible to sew new cushions that are totally adorable. This can double as a fun arts and crafts project, especially with friends and young kids.

5.     Re-Organize!

 Sometimes it’s not new furniture, floors, or appliances you need. You might just need to reorganize everything in the space to flow.

If you’re used to shopping on a budget, chances are you haven’t purchased all of your items together as one set. So, it’s likely that not everything actually goes as well as you think it does…or the colors reflected in the room are too dark, which will give the illusion that there’s much less space than there is.

If you re-arrange the furniture, it can create lots of open space with a center free of clutter. This might mean ditching an enormous coffee table if the room is too small for it.

Also, don’t overlook the walls. Too much art on the walls completely eats up the space and will make your room look messier and disorganized.

6.     Go Light!

If you decide you need to head to the store, it’s possible to swap out a few items as opposed to gutting the entire room. Always opt for white or colorful couches, chairs, sofas, etc.

Combined with natural sunlight, this will lighten up your room and give it the illusion of high-end makeover. Suddenly the same room will feel open, more organized, and revamped!