6 Perfect Bag Recommendations for Working Women

Posted October 6, 2022 by in Career
crop of woman working on laptop in park outside

Bags are one of the most important fashion items known to combine both style and functionality. If you’re working, choosing the right bag is definitely very important. You should not only think about how it looks but you should also make sure that it can function properly to hold all of your things. 

You should also think about the size – will it be big enough to store your laptop and other work essential items? The durability – will it be strong enough to hold your things? Last but not least is the material of the bag. Is it made from a lightweight material? Will it be too heavy for me to bring for my daily commute

All of these factors are important to be considered in order for you to be able to choose the perfect working bag. 


Many people use a backpack as their work bag.  Backpacks are favored because they are simple in style yet can store many items inside. You can find various types of backpacks that are suitable for working in the office or to be brought along on a business trip. A backpack made from canvas fabric is the best kind of bag for you to choose from. Don’t forget to opt for a backpack that has a shoulder strap that can be easily adjusted according to your needs, and also has multiple zip pockets or compartments. There are a lot of selection of working backpacks with competitive prices, you can just decide which one is suitable for you. 

Shoulder Bag

One of the most favorite bag models to be used when working is a shoulder bag. Opting for a shoulder bag for work is a very appropriate choice. Not only because the shoulder bag design looks feminine, but it will be no less spacious than a backpack. Contrary to how it looks, the shoulder bag is usually designed quite spacious – thus very suitable to be used for carrying various work essentials, such as a laptop, iPad, notes, and even a water bottle. You should get a shoulder bag with PVC as the main material, thus it will be more durable and easy to clean in case of stains or dirt.  

Satchel Bag

A satchel bag is worn on the shoulder diagonally across the body and the bag hangs on the opposite hip. The strap on the satchel bag is longer than the shoulder bag. Satchel bag is also very suitable to be used for working. Especially because the inside of the bag usually features a lot of multi-functional pockets that can be used to store your small items.  

Bucket Bag

As the name implies, a bucket bag is shaped like a bucket that can store many items inside. The bag is sturdy on every side, and it also has a wide brim that can be closed by a drawstring. Unlike any other bags that we have mentioned before, a bucket bag is usually carried by hand – not through the shoulder. You may feel doubtful, whether a bucket bag is suitable for work or not because of its shape. Though you might not be able to put your laptop inside this bag, it can still be useful for you to bring to the office. If you don’t have to commute bringing your laptop back and forth to the office, then this bucket bag is definitely snatched to be used instead. 

Tote Bag

The tote bag is a type of bag with two handle straps on the top. Tote bags are boxy and generally open. Usually, tote bags are also called calico bags and are made of canvas or other light fabrics. Tote bags come in a lot of size variations, you can just choose which one is the perfect suit for you. Want to find the perfect tote bag with an eye-catching design? Then this is the perfect site for you to shop.

Top Handle Bag

Top handle bag is a type of bag that usually is not intended to carry a lot of things. It is small in size and the handle strap is short but sturdy. Though it may not be useful to be used as a working bag, this bag will look very formal and put-together if you need to go out to meet a client. The style looks formal, perfect for adding a professional impression!

What’s you’re go-to bag for your morning commute? Let us know in the comments below!