6 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

Posted January 22, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Do you need to buy basketball shoes soon? Trying to figure out how to go about choosing shoes for basketball?

If you want to have the best performance when playing basketball, wearing the right shoes can make a big difference. Typical running shoes aren’t the same, so you should take the time and effort to find some great basketball shoes if you want to play at your very best.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 pro tips for choosing basketball shoes that you should know about.

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1. Check the Traction

One of the key things to check for when choosing basketball shoes is if they have adequate traction for your needs. Your shoes should grip well and should give you plenty of traction while playing.

You should consider whether you’ll be playing inside or outside when choosing basketball shoes. Outdoor basketball shoes will have harder soles that will be much more durable when used on rough courts. Indoor shoes will have grip and traction that is softer and tacky and will work well on floors that are dusty.

Additionally, you’ll also want to look at the traction pattern. Ensure that you get a shoe with a multi-directional traction pattern that will go in all directions.

2. Consider the Level of Ankle Support

Another thing to consider when choosing basketball shoes is how much ankle support there is. The shoes should have plenty of sturdiness and should be very supportive of your weight while moving during a game.

You’ll want to carefully consider the cut of shoes that you get as each will offer varying levels of ankle support. High-top, mid-top, and low-top basketball shoes can all be good options.

High-top shoes will offer the most ankle support but can be a bit uncomfortable as well. Low-top shoes will offer more mobility and will be lighter. Mid-top shoes will be somewhere between these two extremes. Be sure to make your choice while keeping both support and comfort in mind. 

3. Find the Right Materials 

You’ll also want to think about the material that your basketball shoes are made out of when making a purchase. There are a lot of options to choose from but there are some general options that tend to be the best choice for basketball.

Leather can be a great option for basketball shoes because they will be both lightweight and breathable. Synthetic material can be a good option as well, and will be cheaper, but may not be suitable for hot weather.

When it comes to the soles, you’ll especially want to look for good material. Buy inner soles for shoes which will be a high-quality option that will provide you comfort and plenty of traction.

4. Think About the Cushioning

Thinking about the comfort of any basketball shoes you’re thinking about buying will also be essential. You’ll want to be sure that there is plenty of cushioning on the shoes if you’ll be wearing them for long periods of time while playing. Cushioning can help to absorb impact and can be very useful when running and jumping.

You’ll want to make sure to check the amount of cushioning that there is in a shoe you’re buying and ensure that it’s right for you. You’ll likely want plenty of cushioning to give your knees plenty of protection. However, keep in mind that exposed cushion systems may not last as long as other types of cushioning, so consider this if you want your shoes to last a long time. 

5. Keep Style In Mind

When choosing shoes for basketball, you’ll also simply want to think about whether you like how the shoes look or not. If you’ll be playing a lot, you’ll want to be sure to have shoes that match your style and that you’ll be happy to show off and wear often. Fortunately, there are a lot of stylish options that you can choose from that will also offer great performance while playing basketball.

Air Max shoes can be a great option if you want to show off your personal style and turn a few heads. You may want to find out more about them if you’re looking for high-quality basketball shoes with a stylish design.

Remember, however, that you shouldn’t opt for basketball shoes by thinking about the style and personality of the shoes alone. Ensure that they have all of the other important features of a basketball shoe to ensure that you’ll have the best time playing the game.

6. Pay the Right Price

When looking for basketball shoes, you should also consider what your budget is as well.

There is a wide range of basketball shoes out there and some can be pretty expensive, so you’ll want to try to find a good option for a reasonable price. Be sure to compare your options and don’t forget to look for all of the features that make up a great basketball shoe when doing so.

You may want to look for special deals and discounts or shop at your local outlet store if you want to find the best deals on basketball shoes and ensure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

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If you want to choose the very basketball shoes, then you should think through your choice carefully. By considering all of the factors above, you’ll be able to find some great basketball shoes to wear during your next game.

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