6 Qualities to Look for in a Trusted Maltipoo Breeder

Posted January 17, 2022 by in Lifestyle
maltipoo puppy sitting on grass

Doggies. One of the widely kept pets. Not only are they great companions because of their obedience, gentleness, and affection- they come in a variety of different breeds, sizes, and colors.

If you’re wanting to join the pup parent world, you may be wondering which breed is right for you. Well if you want an adorable little snuggle buddy who’s just as cute as they sound- a maltipoo is the puppy for you. Able to come in a range of colors such as chocolate brown, black and white, you’re sure to find a fur friend that will make a great addition to your home. 

Breeders like My Doodle Maltipoos are ideal when looking for healthy, adorable pups.But where and how can you find a healthy batch of Maltipoo puppies near me? And what factors contribute to a trusted Maltipoo breeder?

Keep reading to learn 6 important qualities to consider before settling for any Maltipoo breeder:

maltipoo dog standing on steps outside

  1. Cleanliness and Passion for Dogs

A good breeder has a genuine passion for dogs. When you meet a breeder, check for the following;

  • Cleanliness of the kennels
  • How they feed the dogs
  • Body language between the breeder and the Maltipoo puppies

The observations will inform you of the breeder’s passion and the general health of the puppies. Anything short of this may pose problems down the line so it’s best to just avoid it altogether. 

  1. Open and Knowledgeable About Maltipoo Puppies

Whenever and wherever you source for puppies, you want the breeder to answer most if not all of your questions. You expect the breeder to know the puppy’s birth, deformities, and other life milestones. The breeder should also have information on common dog diseases and infections.

A knowledgeable breeder is trustworthy because you know they are observant and have been part of the dog’s life. If anything arises, they will be the first contact person.

  1. They Keep Good Records of Transactions

All animals have a history, and dogs are not exceptional. Any good and responsible breeder is a record keeper and can quickly provide records. When choosing a breeder, seek to see a picture of the mother, vaccinations, and other necessary documentation. 

With such records, you will be confident the puppy is in good health, and the picture can give you a preview of how it will look when grown up.

  1. They’re Niche Is the Maltipoo Breed

Every dog breed has a different temperament, needs, and requirements. And it takes time for a breeder to learn each species. Therefore, a trusted Maltipoo breeder will not keep many breeds because they may lose ‘focus’ and forget distinct qualities of each dog breed. 

Therefore, try to adopt puppies from a breeder who really only keeps the Maltipoo breed.

  1. Accessibility

Any open breeder is open for calls and questions and freely gives out their phone numbers and emails. Therefore, it is crucial to get a breeder’s contact for purposes of questions and any other clarification.

Any breeder who is cagey about giving out their contact information might be hiding something, and you should be wary of such behavior.

  1. Provides Sale Agreements

It is common to seal any business transaction professionally through contract signing. The contract will entail health guarantees, recommendations, among others.

White Maltipoo Dog

Whenever you want to purchase a puppy, you deal with the best breeder. But if uncertain on how to identify genuine rogues, the above factors can help. A trusted breeder will guarantee the health of your puppy and, more importantly, be open to any consultations and questions.

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