6 Questions To Ask Austin Real Estate Agents Before Hiring

Posted September 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When you move to Austin, you have chosen to move into a lush area with beauty and entertainment. It is a safe area to live in, and it has been classified as a beautiful place for families to call home. However, one thing that you should do is get a real estate agent. They have insider knowledge that you don’t, tips for finding the best home for you, and avoiding beginner mistakes. One thing you must be sure to do before you hire the agent, though, is asking these six questions. 

Couple looking at a house with a real estate agent.

How Long Has The Potentially Chosen Agent Been In Business?

This is not a rude question. Many people think that it is but think about this. When you are choosing a doctor, you ask how good they are from other people. You also ask how their reviews are or have used Google to find out. As such, you should do the same with your real estate agent. You have to live in the house they recommend. You don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

When Looking For Austin Real Estate Agents Ask How Many Homes They Close

When you are looking for Austin real estate agents, ask how many homes they close a year. You want to know that they have a success rate that will help you. If they only close one home a year, that’s not a good sign. On the opposite side of this, if they sell over a hundred houses a year, that could be risky as well. It could be great selling or someone who isn’t entirely honest with the people they sell to. The average person will sell between ten and fifteen homes a year. You can also learn more here about Austin real estate and browse various options of Lake Travis homes.

How Many Clients Do They Currently Have?

Too many means you may not get enough attention. However, if they have too few clients, it could be that they are not good agents. It could also mean they don’t have the experience that you need. 

Ask To See Their License 

You need to avoid getting scammed, which often happens these days. To avoid scams, you need to make sure the person you trust has the proper licensing, so your money is going to an actual house and not someone’s wallet.

Do They Work As A Team?

Some agents work with a team and will pass you off to an assistant or another member of their team. This can be jarring and overwhelming. You need to ensure that the agent is clear on who you are dealing with. If they won’t tell you, move on to someone else. You need to have a solid relationship with one agent. It is tough to do this with five or six. 

How Does The Commission Work?

Most times, you don’t have to pay a fee to the agent. It is produced by the seller to the broker and is split with the agent. You need to understand how each agent does this as you could pay up to twenty percent.

Finding A Good Agent

When attempting to move to a new home, you need the best real estate agent possible. Using these tips above, you will find the best possible while ensuring that you find you are forever home. 

*Photos by Alena Darmel