6 Reasons That Explain Why Butcher Block Tables Are Great

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Career

With a huge plethora of options at your disposal pertaining to restaurant table material, it can be pretty confusing to settle on a table type that you feel is right for your restaurant. Out of all the materials available, Wood is definitely one that most restaurant owners find compelling. Even in the wood category itself, you have multiple options to choose from.

In this article, we will be focusing on one particular type of wooden table. One that has garnered immense popularity in the hospitality industry because of its many practical and aesthetic features. We are of course talking about restaurant tables that popularly go by the moniker ‘Butcher Block’. Butcher block restaurant tables have a very distinct look and are easily identifiable due to a surface that looks like strips of wood, all of the same width, neatly arranged together.

This article will explore 6 reasons why butcher block tables might be an ideal option for your restaurant.

1 – Butcher Block Tables are Eco-friendly

It is natural to be cautious about any product made of wood, especially if you are an advocate for environment friendly living. Wood, in fact, is an ideal green choice as it is known to renew itself. According to a report published by the American Hardwood Associations, more hardwoods are grown than harvested. Moreover, a butcher block restaurant table can be used again and again with a little bit of refinishing.

2 – These Tables Know How to Create an Ambiance

Most people prefer to dine out because they seek an ambiance that is different from the 4 walls of their own homes. Butcher block tables are known to create a warm ambiance and integrate seamlessly with any type and style of restaurant. Such tables can create a fun experience for guests, conjuring an illusion that brings them closer to nature, thus greatly enhancing the overall customer experience.

3 – These Tables are Available in Custom Sizes and Shapes

Depending on the width and length of the hardwood tree, butcher block tables can be shaped any way you like with regards to their size and thickness. Diagonal cuts, edges and corners can be trimmed to make the table top appear just the way you envisioned it. Moreover, most butcher block tables come with top-quality polyurethane finish, thus keeping the table top looking new and clean for a long time.

4 – These Tables Can Bring You Repeat Customers

Repeat customers is what restaurant owners strive for. Butcher block tables can help them accomplish this goal by creating a nature-like, distinct ambiance. A great looking butcher block table mixed in with great food and visually stunning décor can put your restaurant on the map, inviting more repeat customers and thus boosting profits through the roof.

5 – These Tables are Affordable

Not only are butcher block tables stunning to look at but they are also affordable. Even though butcher block tables come cheap, do not take this as a testament to its quality. These tables are durable and stylish while being reasonably priced.

6 – They Are Durable

Like we mentioned before, despite being affordable, these restaurant tables exhibit exceptional strength and longevity. They are sturdy and extremely hygienic in nature. You can expect them to become a staple of your restaurant for a long time to come, eventually becoming an integral part of your restaurant’s identity.