6 Reasons Why You Should Take up Skiing This Winter

Posted November 10, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

Whenever winter comes around, people often hibernate and do not feel like going outside. This hibernation results in binge eating fast food while watching your favorite show or just lying on your bed and sleeping till the winter passes.

Instead of avoiding the cold weather, you should indulge in activities that keep you active and healthy. Skiing is not only a fun activity, but it is also great for your overall wellbeing. It is a great feeling rushing down that icy downhill slope and engaging every muscle in your body.

Whether you decide to take a day trip to a snow-covered mountain or you reside near one, you can get rid of those winter blues doing some downhill skiing.

Apart from the spectacular view of snow-covered peaks, skiing has various health benefits. Today, in this article, we will share with you six of these health benefits. They are listed as follows:

health benefits of skiing.

Skiing Increases Your Heart Rate 

While you rush down a mountain, you get your heart pumping from the sudden rush of adrenaline, increasing blood flow throughout your entire body. Such physical and mental exertion will provide you with a grueling cardiovascular workout. Also, the fact that you have to carry your skis with you when you climb the mountaintop will give your heart some good pumping, improving your aerobic fitness.

According to research, people who ski once a year have increased cardiovascular strength. The conducted research compared adults who skied in their lifetime to ones who didn’t. The benefits were evident as skiers had increased cardiovascular fitness levels. 

Many gyms and fitness clubs now offer the best ski conditioning workouts, along with HIIT and other extensive training. During the lockdown, the sporty individuals craved their outdoor skiing and substituted it with at-home hourly sessions of similar exercises.

Skiing Increases Flexibility

A skiing trip will do wonders for your body by improving its overall flexibility. While you ski and do tight turn, you will work your ankles and develop flexibility in them. It will help you later on when you bend and pick up items at home or work, removing any chance of injuries. 

As your flexibility will increase from your trips to the ski resort, you will get better at skiing and have fun doing it for an extended period. Don’t forget to stretch out your joints after you complete your daily skiing activity. 

Skiing Can Enhance Muscular Fitness

Whenever a person goes on a skiing trip, they are not only working out their joints and bones, but they get an all-around full-body workout. From bending to jumping in the air or working on your stability, It will hit all muscles inside your body and give them a good thrashing.

Downhill skiing targets your abdominal muscles to maintain your balance and your quadriceps so that you can turn from side to side while you rush downhill. It is a perfect choice for people looking for fun as well as improving their muscle strength.

Skiing Can Boost Your Mood

Thanks to the release of endorphins from your body, there is a high chance it will give your brain the boost it needs. The added benefits of a beautiful mountain view and an adrenaline rush will work wonders for your mood and mental condition.

Due to this release in endorphins and an overall better mood, you will be able to tackle the day to day stresses of life without a hitch. 

Skiing Promotes Increased Water Intake

Whenever you are at higher altitudes, something as simple as getting out of the car and changing into your skiing gear will promote heavy breathing. It will take you some time to get familiar with the weather conditions; you will need to increase your water intake to stay smart.

Your body will require more water, and you will have to drink four times as much water as you usually take. As this will become necessary on every skiing trip, it will be easier for you to make it a habit to get back from your skiing holiday.  

Skiing Can Help You Sleep Better

Nothing is no better way to put you away to sleep than a rigorous exercise routine. And a skiing trip is one of them. You will see that you will fall asleep easier than you usually do due to the intense skiing session. If you haven’t tried your hand at skiing before, you will feel even more exhausted at the end of the day.

After you hit the mountains, we guarantee that there will be no staying up and looking at your phones scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. You will hit the bed and have the best sleeping experience of your entire life. 

There can be a thousand ways to achieve fitness, but doing so with fun enhances the results. Look for your nearest ski resort and give this activity a try. It will be a life-changing experience for you if you haven’t given it a shot yet. Do not forget to take things slow and don’t expect to be good at it on the first day.

Already know you’re not a fan of skiing? Consider giving snowboarding a try! Snowboarding is just as good for you as skiing!