6 Things You Should Know About LED Parking Lot Lighting

Posted May 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

We all know the importance of LED parking lights in our life we cannot deter that, we don’t even feel safe with good parking lights, even we can’t see the road properly, there is always a risk of accident, dark points in parking lots may invite criminal activity to happen, workers, customers, and other visitors feel unsafe. hence it enables people to see roads or any potential danger that may cause harm.

Today, we are going to learn interesting things about LED Parking Lot Lights for your, LED parking Lot Lights may even be used in garages, backyards, and gardens, they are also called LED floodlights in general, you can check the best quality and unmatchable led parking lot lighting.

How to choose the most suitable wattage for your LED Parking Lots Lights?

Depending on the area you want to light, we have a few suggestions for example, if the parking area is 300 ft. our suggestion for wattage is 15-20W. The lumen value is around 1100-2300 depending on your need for brightness. Now the question is how these suggestions are made? We base it on calculation and science. 

lumens needed = (illuminance target * Area)/ (LLT*CU) 


LT = 0.75

Cu = 0.7 for outdoor LED Parking Lot Lights.

by the way, a lot of LED Parking Lot Lights provide fake or inflated wattage/brightness numbers So always buy from a trusted brand otherwise your area may not look as bright as you wish, to find LED Parking Lot Lights that are original visit https://www.lepro.com/led-parking-lot-lights

Different applications, however, will have different standards applied to take parking lots for instance which need more light. the illuminance requirements differ for entrances and intersections 

How to choose the LED Parking Lot Lights colors?

Daylight white is the most popular choice for outdoor lighting if you love a more comforting environment, though, you also have the option of choosing a warm white light. RGB is a very good option for special purposes.

for instance 

  • party lighting 
  • mood lighting 

and many other important cases work well with RGB lights, these RGB LED Parking Lot Lights can be used in the parking lot outside the marriages halls, or to brighten up the area if any event is going on grounds or open area 

such as 

  • singing concert 
  • marriages 
  • colleges events anything 

Led parking lights with Motion sensor 

if you want to save your electricity and have a decent lifespan product, then you must need motion sensors, these motion sensors will save the struggle of turning your light on and off every day, however, LED Parking Lot Lights with motion sensor often cost you 30% higher 

but to find these lights in reasonable prices visit Lepro.com

UL or ETL certification of led parking lots lights 

Led parking lot lights are electrical products, UL or ETL is proof of safety, quality, and durability but no doubt the prices of certified led parking lot lights are usually higher in comparison to other lights with no certification 

Gains/Rewards of LED parking lot lights 

  1. Led parking lights are safe for all environment, they are versatile and can be used everywhere, such lights are waterproof and can face hard weather such as fast wind and

heavy rain, they illuminate the area to make sure that there are no thief attacks, accidents and or any kind of illegal activity happening.

  1. There are many kinds of parking lot lights like led parking lot lights, halogen parking lot lights, fluorescent parking lot lights, solar parking lot lights, but Led parking lights have a long lifespan in comparison with other such kinds of parking lights. Led lights can sustain up to 46000 to 82000 hours. 
  1. Saves electricity, the most beneficial point of the LED parking lot lights is they save electricity and as result, you have to pay a reduced amount of bill, the daily cost of 1000W led parking light is 1 dollar so the monthly cost will be 39 dollars.

Consider led parking lot lights design and increase or decrease the efficiency with controls 

The proper installation of the LED parking lights is very essential, if not properly fitted, they must not be able to deliver proper light across the lot 

For illuminating roads, sidewalks, walkways; the light is positioned at the center of the path 

to illuminate larger areas, you need alights with jogging tracks and football ground.

LEDs parking lights are equipped with the latest technology which saves energy, even turning off the light with a motion sensor when there is no need for the light this way saves electricity, in addition, these lights are Dimmable their efficiency can be increased or decreased with controls, in short, they are adjustable. So led parking lights are progressing accordingly with technology.