6 Tips for Creating a Killer Outdoor Space This Summer

Posted May 11, 2015 by in Home

Summer is almost here! I don’t know about you, but my social life soars when the temps warm up. During the winter (especially here in NYC), everyone wants to just stay warm and cozy inside. But during the warmer months, we tend to spend every waking moment enjoying the great weather: day trips, BBQ’s, beach days, you name it.

Being out and about is fun and all, but sometimes, drinking a glass of ice-cold sangria and sitting on your porch with great friends is the way to go. It’s way cheaper than spending all that gas money to travel, and it’s fun.

To ensure your home or apartment is the go-to hang zone for friends this summer, consider sprucing up (or transforming) your porch or outdoor space. Below are some tips that will give you Queen of the Summer status. Enjoy!

Note: When done correctly, the area can and should be a showpiece even from the inside of your home; like a painting in the window. 

1. Bring on the Extras!

Your home or apartment will be everyone’s favorite if you pile on the extras. The more the better, but keep them tasteful. Fireplaces, and fire pits develop the attractiveness and worth of your outdoor space while adding a functioning heat source for cool/cold nights. Fountains/Waterfalls provide a calming effect in addition to another focal point.

To finish, decorate your oasis with weather resistant art (for instance backyard plaques, statues and or decorative metal work) and weatherproof fabric covered pillows. These subtle yet unique touches will turn an everyday patio or deck into a warm, inviting space.


2. Lights

Lighting is a must after sunset if you want to bring the party outside. The basics would be outdoor string lights or lanterns. Both looks would make your friends envious of your decorating talents!


3. Furniture

You’re going to want to deck your space with outdoor friendly furniture. Rely on a store like IKEA to keep it stylish on the cheap.


4. Shade

No matter how much you and your girls love the sun, it’s important to have a section in your backyard getaway that offers shade. This can be done with retractable awnings, umbrellas and more.


5. Privacy

Everyone loves privacy, and how could it truly be an oasis without the feeling of seclusion? This can easily be achieved with garden walls and or fences.


6. Recipes

Want to really keep you friends coming? Obtain some serious bar tending skills! DDGD always has on-point drink recipes.


Lastly, do not forget outdoor kitchens! Grills and pizza ovens are a great way to be the hostess of the summer. For more ideas to make your space cozier, visit Thermofilm.

How did you decorate your patio/roof/deck? Let us know in the comments below!

*Featured Image via Holly Lay