DIY: 8 Unexpected Things to Do with Duct Tape

Posted June 20, 2013 by in Home

Low on funds, but feel your home and closet need a makeover? Duct tape might just be your saving grace, because Scotch now sells it in fancy patterns and colors! Adiós dull metallic grey.

Below are eight things we bet you didn’t know you could do with duct tape:

1. Make a Coffee Sleeve

Who knew? Just follow this easy tutorial here.


2. Decorate Boring Candles

Bored with your white candles that are on top of your mantle or dresser? Just add duct tape in the color or pattern of your choice for a brand new look!


3. Revamp Old Ballet Flats

Transform your ballet flats by using a fun color or pattern of duct tape. If you’re extra girly, add a fashion forward bow for a fun style statement.


Instructions for Ballet Flats:

1. Choose the colors and/or patterns you’d like to transform and decorate your ballet flats.

2. Cut a 6” long piece of Scotch Pattern duct tape and place the tip on an edge of a desk or craft station.

3. Place tape strip lengthwise on the side of the flat, trimming edges and pressing firm to ensure the tape adheres.

4. Repeat step 3 once or twice more to cover entire flat.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for other flat in pair.

6. Slip on ballet flats and smile at your new style!

Instructions for Bow:

1. Choose the colors and/or patterns you’d like to create your stylish bow.

2. Cut two strips of Scotch duct tape that are the same size. Any size will do – you choose.

3. Place the strips on top of each other, sticky sides together. Round the edges if you’d like by trimming off the corners.

4. Repeat step 3 then place the two resulting pieces of tape together.

5. Cut a smaller, narrow strip of tape for the center of the bow.

6. Pinch the center of each side of the tape to meet in the middle and then wrap your small strip of tape around to secure it.

7. Optional: Continue your stylish makeover by adding a bow to each ballet flat.

4. Make a Wallet

Didn’t you always want a duct tape wallet as a kid? I did!


Instructions for Wallet:

1. Choose the colors and/or patterns you’d like to use to craft and decorate your wallet.

2. Cut two 7” long pieces of Scotch Pattern duct tape and separately place adhesive-side up on your flat work surface.

3. Slightly overlap the second piece of tape over the first.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have four strips overlapping.

5. Turn the sheet sideways so the strips run vertically across your flat work surface.

6. Cut a strip to lay across the adhesive-side up strips. Start at the top and repeat, working your way down.

7. Being sure to overlap the edges, continue laying step 6 strips adhesive-side down until all of the step 4 strips are covered. Trim off the edges.

8. Fold the wallet in half so the shorter sides line up evenly.

9. Keeping the wallet in the folded position, trim any excess and tape the other side.

10. Optional: Continue your stylish makeover by adding a bow to your new wallet.

5. Decorate an Old Vase

Have one too many clear vases under your sink? Adding fancy duct tape to one of them will make everyone do a double take at your dining room table!


6. Make Office Containers

Does your work desk lack a pen/pencil holder? Take a can that’s sitting in your recycle bin or an old jar and cover it with some duct tape! Be even more fancy by adding fun designs to your boring brown clip board.


7. Update your iPad Case

This one’s so simple. Simply add a strip (or two) of your favorite pattern to your case. This also works with iPhone and laptop cases.


8. Cover an Old Cosmetic Case

Don’t throw it away, just cover it up!


Find this fancy new duct tape at your local office supply store! Which one of these are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments below.