6 Ways To Get The Most From Your Beauty Rest

Posted August 28, 2021 by in Beauty

When you look up some beauty regimen tips on the internet, the results are almost infinite. They’re primarily about using the right skincare products, eating the right foods, or drinking beauty supplements. But there’s one thing some people tend to overlook: beauty rest! For those who don’t know, the quality of your sleep plays an essential role in your mind and body.

As you sleep, your body works on removing all the toxins and dead blood cells building up into your skin. This way, you wake up every morning with fresh and good-looking skin. Meanwhile, if you’re constantly sleep-deprived, you’ll end up waking up with dark baggy eyes, skin wrinkles, and acne breakouts. Besides the number of your sleeping hours, the quality of your sleep is also equally important.

So, how can you attain that deep and quality beauty sleep every night? Here are six ways you can get the most out of your beauty rest:

1. Establish A Bedtime Routine 

One way you can get the most out of your beauty rest is by establishing a bedtime routine as this helps your mind and body to be prepared and conditioned for sleep. As soon as it becomes a habit, it’ll be easier for your body to link those behaviors with your beauty sleep. 

Here are some actions you may wish to incorporate in your bedtime routine that can help improve your beauty rest: 

  • Taking a long, warm bath 
  • Doing some nighttime skincare routine 
  • Putting on night time detox face mask at least twenty minutes before bedtime 
  • Performing yoga exercises or meditation 
  • Using aromatherapy candles 
  • Listening to soft music 

These activities can help you get ready for your beauty rest. You can also add your own habits as long as they’re sleep-conducive.  

2. Use A Silk Sleep Mask 

Your bedroom’s lighting is crucial for your sleep quality. Sometimes, despite your efforts to keep your room dark and dim, there are certain situations wherein the sunlight could easily peak its way through your room. To avoid any form of light interfering with your beauty rest, it may be ideal to wear an eye mask. 

Moreover, since the skin around your eyes can be sensitive to any fabric it touches and result in wrinkling, you can use a silk sleep mask for better results. 

3. Improve Your Sleeping Environment 

Your bedroom plays a vital role in your beauty rest. Sleeping in a room full of clutter, using bright lighting, or having the wrong mattress can adversely affect your sleep quality. Some tips to help improve your sleeping environment include: 

  • Keeping your room free from clutter 
  • Making your bed every morning 
  • Using dim lighting 
  • Investing in a good-quality mattress 
  • Incorporating indoor plants 

4. Have An Air Humidifier

Hydration is essential to keep your skin fresh. But sometimes, your skin may experience dehydration due to several ways such as when you breathe through your mouth during sleep or when your room’s humidity is low. As a result, despite getting a long sleep, you might still wake up with dry skin.

To prevent skin dehydration during your beauty rest, place an air humidifier in your bedroom and let it run for the rest of the night. The humidifier will keep your room’s air moist and more manageable for your skin. For better results, only turn on the air humidifier after your skincare regimen or after applying your night cream. 

5. Tie Your Hair Up 

Most of you probably know how your hair can accumulate dirt and oil after spending time outdoors. When your hair freely covers your face during sleep, there’s a tendency that those hair pollutants can also accumulate in your face and lead to breakouts. Thus, you’re always reminded to use shampoo twice or thrice a week to remove hair pollutants and keep your hair clean. But how about those days when you’re not supposed to use shampoo? 

To prevent your hair from crawling into your face every night, it’s best to tie your hair up during your beauty rest. You may choose to tie it into a ballet bun or braid it to the side. Don’t worry because tying your hair up also helps prevent hair breakage and frizziness—it’s a win-win situation.

6. Sleep On Your Back 

Your sleeping position can significantly affect the quality of your sleep. When you sleep with your stomach, chest, or on your side more often, you tend to press your faces into your pillows or blankets. This may cause premature aging as your blankets or pillows could pull your skin and lead to wrinkles.

The best way to avoid excessively pulling your skin and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles is to sleep on your back. Treating your skin gently, even during your sleep, can ensure you get the most out of your beauty rest. 

Your sleep allows your body to repair and rejuvenate itself, which ultimately leads to a more refreshed and beautiful you. So, take note of these tips and let your body enjoy its well-deserved beauty rest.

*Photos by cottonbro