6 Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget

Posted March 7, 2014 by in Shopping

If you have Saks Fifth Avenue taste but a Forever 21 budget, you might be feeling a bit down. But don’t fret yet! Below are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that will make your budget wardrobe look way fancier than it is.

1. Pick the right pleather

Pleather bags, pleather shoes, pleather pants…whatever type of pleather floats your boat, avoid brown. Fake brown leather tends to look a bit tacky while black pleather can actually look like the real thing.

If you think brown is more your style, search for pleather that is cognac brown.


$39.80 via Forever 21

2. Carry a nice bag

If you’re holding a nice bag, no one will guess you’re wearing a thrifted sweater and H&M leggings. By nice bag, I’m not saying designer, or even real leather. A fake leather bag that’s structured is all you need.

Companies such as ShoeDazzle and Aldo have amazing bags that look fierce but have a friendly price tag.


$50.00 via ShoeDazzle

3. Focus on your makeup

If you have mad makeup applying skills, take advantage of them! A well-shaped brow and a colorful lip will have you looking fancy and shi-shi in no time.


4. Wear things that fit well

In order to look well dressed, you need to wear things that fit you. I can’t stress this enough. Get things tailored when needed and don’t buy things just because it zips. Remember: Just because something fits doesn’t mean it looks good.

Bring an honest friend shopping with you for advice or ask the dressing room attendant. They’re working in fashion because they love clothes and they’ll be able to give you an un-biased opinion. If it’s not too busy, ask them to take a picture of you wearing the item. A photo says a 1000 words!


5. Trade with friends

Hate wearing the same things over and over again? You’re not alone. Most fashion-forward girls feel that way! If you have a friend whose a similar size as you, consider trading clothes every once in a while. You’ll both feel as if you have a new wardrobe!


6. Thrift for designer items

Unfortunately, labels matter if you’re trying to impress. If you’re going to get designer anything, go with jeans. You’ll wear them on a regular basis and the fit will make your legs look amazing.

To save money, thrift them! I have found a crazy amount of designer jeans at thrift stores and buy/sell/trade shops this year alone. Brands include, Seven for all Mankind, Hudson and Joe’s.


How do you look expensive on a budget? Let us know in the comments below!