6 Ways to Make Your Party More Eco-Friendly

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Throwing an eco-friendly party is a great idea, but it can also be quite difficult. So much of the supplies is made up of plastic or is single-use making it somewhat wasteful. 

Despite this, it’s not impossible. Here are a few ways you can easily make your celebration eco-friendly. 

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Benefits of Throwing an Eco-Friendly Party

There are multiple reasons why throwing an eco-friendly party is ideal. 

You Preserve Nature

One of the best reasons to throw an eco-friendly event is that it keeps nature healthy. There won’t be unnecessary waste that will only sit in landfills for decades. It also keeps curious wildlife safe that might otherwise mistake a balloon or plastic fork for food. 

It’s Budget-Friendly

Another interesting perk is that it’s an affordable option. You won’t need to invest in a lot of extra supplies – prices that can quickly add up. By using recycled items or ones you already have, you can significantly cut back on the usual party costs. 

It Keeps You Healthy

Besides keeping nature happy, you’ll find that going eco-conscious promotes a healthier lifestyle for yourself. You’ll omit the need for plastic items which often contain BPA – a toxin that can affect the endocrine system. Most natural items (like bamboo plates) don’t contain these industrial chemicals making them safe to eat off of. 

6 Methods for Having an Earth-Friendly Celebration

  1. Use Recycled Items

One of the best ways to throw an ecological-minded party is to use recycled objects. This could be new items from sustainable sources or previous party favors. You could also ask guests to contribute any old decor they have, which can also help cut back on costs. Finally, you could donate any leftover decor to thrift shops or organizations when you’re done with the party. 

  1. Incorporate Natural Decor

Another option for eco-friendliness is adding natural decor items – like flower petals for confetti or beeswax candles for ambiance. They also make great focal points and talking pieces compared to plastic and paper selections. 

If you’re unsure where to find them, research eco-friendly stores around you. You might also reach out to local beekeepers for sustainable beeswax candles. It could also be beneficial to see if a nearby florist has old flowers they could supply you. This prevents them from going to waste, and you’ll often get a discount. 

If you want balloons for it, there are biodegradable options. If you cannot find these, try to use only latex balloons and always pop them when you’re done. You could also opt for other alternatives like bubbles, pinwheels, or kites. Simple objects like these aren’t only budget-friendly but can easily help preserve the environment. 

  1. Go Digital

A lot of paper and plastic are used to throw parties – most of which go to waste and are harmful to the earth’s health. Instead, consider using digital invitations and decor when you can. 

You’ll find numerous online platforms you can use to create beautiful digital invitations and party favors. Most already have templates to choose from, or you could design your own if you feel creative. 

  1. Opt for Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo is excellent for many reasons. Not only does it reduce pollution as it grows, but it also doesn’t require harsh chemicals (like pesticides). This protects the land and ensures that you don’t consume them either if you use them for tableware. 

If you use bamboo utensils, you’ll find they’re incredibly sturdy despite being biodegradable. They also come in various designs, and you can even engrave logos or symbols. Bamboo plates might also be good to use alongside them. 

  1. Watch Where the Food is Sourced

Apart from the decor, it’s also good to consider the food served. If you purchase or serve food made from non-sustainable options, your party won’t be as eco-friendly as you’d hoped. 

Organic food is a great option to serve. These are made with ingredients that weren’t sprayed or grown with harsh fertilizers. Not only will the food have more flavor, but you’ll be supporting suppliers that provide these earth-friendly meals. 

You might also opt for vegan dishes. Plant-based meals help cut back on carbon emissions while promoting healthy food. Depending on the season, you could also shop at local farmers’ markets for fresh produce. 

Ideally, consider making the food yourself. This will cut back on catering emissions and let you have control over the ingredients used and the containers they’re served in. 

  1. Have a Recycling Bin

To promote eco-friendliness consider putting a recycling bin out at your party. You could have separate ones available for paper and glass to help make disposing of things easier when it’s done. 

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Making your party more eco-friendly is much easier than it might seem. By keeping these ideas in mind, you can ensure there’s no unnecessary waste. 

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