6 Ways to Stay Stylish While Sticking to Your Budget

Posted August 26, 2022 by in Fashion

Staying stylish on a budget can be a challenge! Of course, it helps if you have an eye for a bargain. Shopping the sales for discounted items is also a good idea. And then, of course, there are different payment methods – some of which offer split repayments to help you buy fashion items that may ordinarily be out of reach! 

But the best way to stay stylish on a budget is to identify the items you truly need in your wardrobe. Simple, everyday basics that pair well together so that you can mix and match outfits are a great investment. Go for stylish shoes, bags and accessories that are well made and look expensive (but aren’t!), such as vegan shoes and handbags – which, as they are not made from real leather, are attainable at a cheaper price point. And lastly, no stylish outfit is complete without the perfect undergarments to compliment it. Fortunately, you can buy lingerie with Afterpay online, making it easier to obtain the underwear items you desire sooner with four equally split repayments, paid fortnightly.

Stylish woman in blazer dress, biker shorts, and a mini bag

Staying Stylish on a Budget by Developing your Style

When it comes to developing your style, there are several important elements to consider. Crucially, everyone’s style will differ, and there are various style inspirations to take cues from.

Social media can be a great help when developing your fashion style – particularly applications such as Instagram and Pinterest. Browsing these apps can help give you ideas on which style direction you’d like to take and what corresponding fashion choices to make. They can also help you to identify different types of styles. Try Corporate style, for example. Or perhaps, a Preppy look. You may prefer a Boho/Indie aesthetic. Or you may even wish to try the latest craze – the Clean Girl style.

Corporate Fashion 

Corporate fashion, or office chic, is a difficult style to do well. It’s very easy to look bland or basic in corporate attire, which is mainly made up of tailored shirts and pencil skirts, for example, or even matching suit sets. The key is to choose clothing items that are tailored well and form fitting to the body, to enhance and flatter the silhouette. Choosing bright colours and interesting prints also helps!

The Preppy Look

Preppy style has been around for decades, even dating back as far as the early 90s. Think plaid shirts and skirts, pastel colours and sporty-inspired chic such as golfing and tennis outfits, for example. Knee-high socks and a mini skirt paired with round-toe ballet flats are also part of the preppy vibe. 

Boho, Alternative, Indie Style

Often associated with alternative, hippy areas such as Australia’s famous Byron Bay, Boho/Indie style is known for being popular with those aspiring to a bohemian lifestyle. Think earthy, neutral tones, flowing loose fabrics and intricate embroidery on quality, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. Boho style has become front and centre of the fashion world and remains one of the most consistently popular fashion styles on Pinterest to this day.

The Clean Girl Aesthetic

Rapidly taking over Boho style, the Clean Girl look is sweeping through Tik Tok, Instagram and Pinterest. But what is the Clean Girl Aesthetic, you ask? Sleek hair, minimal makeup and a polished vibe are what this look calls for. While an effortless Clean Girl style appears as though it would take minimal effort to achieve, it is, in truth, very difficult to attain. Many argue that the Clean Girl fashion movement is problematic, as it dismisses other styles – heavy makeup, bold colours and bright prints, for example – as ‘dirty’. Nevertheless, it is a style that has merit as being aesthetically pleasing and is quickly taking over the fashion world for this reason.

Budget-Friendly Fashion

Of course, once you have chosen which fashion aesthetic you’d like to go for, the hard part is achieving this style on a budget! It is advisable to wait until sale periods throughout the year to get your hands on coveted fashion pieces – the Boxing Day, End of Financial Year, and Mid Season Sales are always a good time to bag a bargain.

Stylish woman in blazer dress, red tights, and a beret hat

Many influencers on Instagram also offer affiliate discount codes for dollars off your purchase – also a great way to save. Lastly, keep your eye out for direct promotional offers from online stores or boutiques – they may offer you a dollar discount if you sign up to their mailing list, for example. 

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