6 Ways to Style a Women’s Biker Jacket

Posted July 1, 2021 by in Fashion

Fashion items are in constant flux. One thing is trendy today, and something else is topping the charts the next. Yet, one item always stays near the top of women’s fashion hierarchy; the coveted leather jacket. Constraints like the time of the year/season and the occasion do not apply to it, as there is always a way to integrate it into your outfit. Among the many types of leather jackets, biker jackets for women provide the largest variety of outfit options.

The designs in this class of women’s leather jackets are also all unique and universal. Each one has a core strength while also fitting the majority of outfits. This adaptability has made the biker jacket a must-have for women around the globe.

That being said, however, finding truly remarkable outfits isn’t an easy task. As these jackets work with everything, finding the type of clothing that takes them to that next level can be a challenging task. So, if you are in a similar boat or just want to expand your reserves of women’s biker jacket outfit ideas, then this article is for you.

Without further ado, here are six wonderful ways to style a biker jacket for women:

Black all the Way

What better way to dress up with women’s leather jackets than the tried and tested black; the colour that fits everyone, everywhere, at any time. If you have a hard time picking colours and spending time creating decent matchups isn’t your cup of tea, black is your best friend. To say that it just works would be an understatement.

When many people think about all-black outfits, they think of plain jeans and t-shirt combos that can often appear boring and lack any visual interest. The biker jacket eliminates this issue as it provides some much-needed texture and form to your otherwise monotonous outfit.

One way to take this simple outfit to that next level is by utilizing the power of contrasting accessories. A simple, colourful scarf or even a waist belt can do wonders by creating artful colour contrast. This contrast is accentuated even further by the lack of colour in the rest of the outfit.

Jacket & Jeans Combo

This one is similar to the previous, yet different enough that it requires its own separate section. The idea behind this way of styling a women’s biker jacket is the concept of creating contrast taken to a much higher level.

The first and only main thing you need to achieve this style is a matching pair of a jacket and jeans. The colours don’t have to be the exact same, but the closer, the better. Now you are free to wear any colour of shirt you want with this combo.

Some notable examples would be a pair of brown jeans and jacket with a light blue cotton shirt, or a fusion of black jeans and jacket combined with a white shirt. The shirts don’t have to be plain either. You can and should experiment with all sorts of patterns, gradients, and shirt designs to find the outfits that work best for you.

Better than Just a Dress

A dress is one of the most elegant outfits in a women’s wardrobe. It is simple yet captivating. If worn correctly, it exudes a sense of confidence and self-worth. But a dress on its own is not the end of female fashion, as adding a biker jacket to the mix is a certain improvement to the whole look.

The best way to adapt this style is with a simple dress and a fancy jacket, not the other way around. The glossy, angular jackets are a certified good option for this style, but you can definitely find your own element with different designs of biker jackets for women.

Since the dress is usually simple and to the point, you have a lot more options in other pieces of your outfit puzzle. Some shiny leather shoes, for example, will make you look like an A-tier runway model while also providing the comfort of closed shoes. You can also attach things like leather bags for extra style points.

The Biker Lady

The bikers were known for two things, their love of bikes and their sense of fashion. It is this sense of fashion that forms the basis of modern-day biker jackets and other women’s leather jacket designs. So, what better way to fully encompass the history of this fashion item than to fully embrace it. 

You obviously don’t need to be a biker to dress like one. You just need a high-quality biker jacket, some fancy pairs of jeans, and a hint of confidence to glue it all together. This style mainly focuses on your shirt and jeans. A fair representation of this style would be a dark-grey or black hooded sweatshirt with a pair of blue or black ripped jeans.

The critical thing to keep in mind when dressing in this style is the fit of all of your garments. Not every piece of clothing has to be skin tight, but trying to pull off a loose or oversized item would frankly ruin this look completely.

Cold Winter, Fire Outfit

Winter is, arguably, the best time to wear a biker jacket for women, as there is no need to worry about the summer heat making things uncomfortable. You can layer as much as you want and, more importantly, can wear jackets with fur.

If women’s leather jackets are A-tier, a furry collar makes them the S-tier raining champion of winter fashion. Dressing up in this style is also extremely convenient. Existing winter clothing like woolen dresses are an excellent fit for the biker leather jacket. Even other accessories like scarves work surprisingly well and mesh together to create a comfortable and fabulous outfit.

The Colour Splash

Almost all of the styling options mentioned so far have been relatively focused around blacks and browns, occasionally greys and blues. But the world of women’s biker jackets is much broader than that. If you are willing to experiment a bit and feel confident wearing unusual colours, then you will find so much untapped fashion potential.

The first step towards colourful styling would be a biker jacket with colours like maroon, silver, green, and vibrant red. The next step would be to combine these lively colours with other colourful garments. You can either mix in complementary soft colours or opt for bold contrasting colours. Alternatively, you can wear cool graphic tees with colorful designs that fit the vibe you’re going for.

The only thing to keep in mind is to be confident in what you wear. The experimental colour combinations will look as good as you think they look. Keep an open mind, and you will find mountains of stunning outfit ideas.

woman wearing a brown leather jacket and jeans.

No matter the state of your day-to-day life, the climate of your residential area, or the type of clothes you like to wear, biker jackets for women have a place in every wardrobe. These above-mentioned points are just the tip of the leather fashion iceberg, as it truly contains something special for everyone.