7 Wedding Dresses Under $250

Posted May 28, 2013 by in Shopping

It’s finally wedding season, which means many newly engaged ladies are starting to look for dresses. Unfortunately, weddings these days are extremely expensive; according to CNN Money, couples (and their families) spend on average $28,400 on their weddings. Ouch.

A big portion of that cost comes from feeding your guests, the rings and your gown. Good food equals happy guests, and your wedding ring is going to be on your finger forever, but the dress will only be on you for a few hours. This is why we’re starting to question if brides need to spend thousands of dollars on a dress. Have you ever gone to a wedding and asked a bride how much her gown cost or who designed it? Never!

All brides look beautiful on their wedding day no matter what, so consider saving the money you were going to spend on a designer dress…or put it somewhere more important, like your honeymoon.

To help you find the perfect dress in a lower price-range, we teamed up with JJsHouse. Below are 7 stunning wedding dresses under $250 that look expensive — all of which can be made to order based on your measurements with custom colors:


1. For the simple girl

If you love simple yet elegant gowns, this dress could be perfect for you! It’s not too “poofy,” it has a flattering shape and would be great for an indoor or outdoor wedding.



2. For the outdoor garden wedding

Empire waist gowns are very flattering on all shapes and sizes and here’s the best part: they can be worn again. Just get yours altered right-above-the-knee for a brand new dress. Perhaps for your anniversary?



3. Did you love Kate Middleton’s Dress?

If so, this dress looks just like it! Ask for it in ivory.




4. For the glamour girl

If you’re a glamour girl, you’ll most likely love poofy princess gowns. Glamour girls also love anything designer. The dress below looks just like a Vera Wang gown — without the designer price tag.



Kate Hudson actually wore a Vera Wang gown in Bride Wars!


5. For the elegant girl

Do you love how poofy dresses look, but hate how immobile you feel in them? This dress is the perfect combination of subtle-poof and elegance.



6. For the town hall wedding

Are you and your fiance getting married at your town hall to save money? If so, a short white dress would looking stunning!



7. Having a 1920’s inspired wedding?

Thanks to The Great Gatsby film, many brides are opting for a 1920’s inspired wedding. Consider a champagne gown with a ton of beading. We love this one! Think Daisy would agree?



Are you gown hunting this summer? If so, let us know where you’re looking via the comments below!