7 Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

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Today’s businesses have a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting marketing channels. As a result, it can be challenging to understand the advantages of different marketing channels.

Direct mail printing marketing is one of the best methods of expanding your customer base. Here are the top seven benefits that you will gain from using direct mail marketing:

7 Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Is Tangible

There is no doubt that we live in a digital world where videos, ads, and social media campaigns have a great appeal. However, it is also part of our nature to value tangible items.

As human beings, we tend to value those things which we can hold in our hands. This is the reason why people still favor reading on paper. An important advantage of reading on paper is that we remember more when we read a real book compared to an eBook. Therefore, real objects will continue to have high value and direct mail will always be relevant.

There is no doubt that email is very convenient and quick, but we should not forget about the value of sending mail directly to our clients.

Everyone Loves Receiving Direct Mail

Almost everyone loves receiving direct mail. Think about how excited you were the last time when you received direct mail. Were you ever this excited and happy while opening an email?

There is no denying that reading direct mail is far more exciting for many of us than email. This could be due to a number of factors. Sending direct mail is a way of giving personal attention, something that a lot of people appreciate. You can make someone feel very special by sending them direct mail. Also, direct mail is far less common. We place a much higher value on rare things.

Although direct mail does not excite us as much as mail from a friend does, it can generate greater customer engagement and enthusiasm than mundane email.

Research indicates that 54% of consumers appreciate getting direct mail from the brands they admire. Contrast this with the annoyance that people have for unsolicited email. Spam is notorious for the immense distaste that it incurs.

It Is Easier to Process Direct Mail

Direct mail is definitely easier to assimilate than digital media. According to the results of one study, you need to give 21 percent less attention to direct mail than digital ads. From this, we can infer that your call to action and brand message will be 21% extra effective with direct mail.    

You will also not have to worry about reducing the complexity of your direct mail ads since they require lesser focus to understand than digital ads. You can, therefore, enjoy greater flexibility with direct mail and you have greater options for customizing your message this way.  

Digital ads, on the other hand, are more difficult to absorb and are therefore less effective. A direct mail marketing company can, therefore, give you good results on your marketing campaign at low price.

High Cost-Effectiveness

It might appear counter-intuitive, but direct mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels.

Direct mail marketing has been noted for generating positive response and engagement. While ATL ads can drive brand awareness, it is direct mail which has the maximum chance of generating customer response.    

We might be tempted to think that direct mail is expensive because it costs more money than email. But the costs are greatly offset by high level of leads which can be converted to sales. So you should consider the advantages of direct mail marketing which can improve your bottom line more effectively than many other channels.

According to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2018 response rate report, prospect lists returned a 4.9% response while house lists returned a 9% average response to direct mail campaigns.

Highly Personalized Marketing Is Possible with Direct Mail

You can combine direct mail marketing with smart data usage to reach out to customers who could not be engaged otherwise. Today, smart businesses are not sending massive amounts of direct mail to everyone they can think of.

Businesses can make use of customer data to send direct mail for maximum positive impact. For instance, when you know about your customer demographics, then you can get excellent results from your direct mail campaign. This targeted approach can also save you a lot of money and deliver better returns on your marketing investment.

You can execute direct mail campaigns by customizing and personalizing them according to geographic conditions.

You can tweak your advertising campaigns according to environmental circumstances. For instance, your campaign can be based on the season or on the landscape (urban or rural). You can further modify your direct mail campaign according to income level and social status. You can become even more specific and target customers based on their purchase history.

In short, you can create a well-targeted direct mail campaign by making use of data.

Direct Mail Is an Important Part of Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is known to provide good results, and direct mail marketing is a key component of such campaigns. In fact, direct mail can boost your other marketing efforts. According to studies, brand recall is 40 percent greater if you follow an email with direct mail. Response rate goes up by 26 percent if you follow a digital ad with direct mail.

This clearly proves that you are not tapping into the full potential of other channels if you do not support them with direct mail. Skipping direct mail, therefore, implies missed business opportunities. You can get a maximum return on your advertising investment by employing direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail Is Better for Building Brand Image

Since the cost of digital advertising is relatively low, we find that the internet is flooded with advertisements. The end result is that more and more ads are vying for the attention of the audience. This can present a perplexing scenario to the audience since they do not understand which brand they should choose out of several possible options.

As a result, consumers tend to ignore digital ads as mere noise and consider it a major annoyance that interferes with their online surfing experience.

With direct mail marketing, you can easily evoke interest since this channel has far less competition.

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