7 Alternatives to Traditional Anxiety Drugs

Posted May 31, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Anxiety has a way of taking control of your life and anxiety unfortunately targets everyone at some point or another. If you suffer from anxiety, there are ways to keep it under control and minimize it without relying on prescription drugs—a few lifestyle changes may be all you need.

If you want to find ways to lessen your anxiety without having to rely on a prescription drug, consider some of the tips below:

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a safe and private way to lower anxiety. The compound in CBD is considered therapeutic when ingested. That means managing strong feelings like anxiety is possible by eating tasty candy. Trying to buy CBD gummies online is no different than buying any other type of supplement or vitamin in 2021. 


Exercise is the ultimate balance for both your body and mind. Just a few minutes a day can lead to a life-changing experience. Whenever you find yourself getting overwhelmed, go for a brisk walk in nice weather. The environment and fresh air will take your mind off of mental triggers.

During your personal time, lift weights or go for runs to get in better shape. This will regulate your blood flow and lessen the chances of anxiety taking over your life. 

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has both positive and negative effects on your anxiety. After a stressful day, consuming alcohol relaxes your mind and body. A single beer or a few sips of wine is normal after a long day. Heavy drinking has the opposite effect and will turn your anxiety up to a ten.

Moderation is key with alcohol, especially with the long-term consequences that come from alcohol abuse. 

Slow Down on Caffeine

Just like alcohol, caffeine in small doses can be beneficial to anxiety. Caffeine has been shown to improve focus and productivity when used in manageable amounts. When you depend on coffee too much, it makes you jittery and unfocused. While in this temporary state, your anxiety can easily overpower your senses.  

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep has always been the natural anxiety destroyer. Even if you’re not sleepy, your mind and body may be exhausted from stress. Anxiety becomes more damaging if you continually avoid sleep. An erratic sleep pattern will also have the same effect. Take naps when possible, but always aim to get at least a full eight hours of sleep per day. 


When regular exercise is too much for you to handle, yoga comes to the rescue. Millions of people use the relaxing and meditative states of yoga to manage their stress. You don’t need to pay for expensive classes—there are many free videos available for at-home yoga sessions on YouTube.

This is a low-maintenance workout that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. 

Change Your Eating Habits

Stress eating is a real thing for a lot of people. The calories add up when comfort food is always taking the place of healthy food. An overwhelming amount of anxiety can lead to habits that cause diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues.

Curb your eating habits by switching to healthier foods that don’t feed your anxiety.  

Update Your Life

Life moves fast, and keeping up with the pace can be exhausting. You’re in full control of both the best and worst moments of your life. Slow things down with these anxiety tips, and you’ll always be able to catch your breath. 

*Photos by Nataliya Vaitkevich