7 Amazing Tips on How to Look Younger: 2019 Edition

Posted August 26, 2019 by in Beauty
how to look younger

You’re going to age, but who says that you have to get “old”? You are only as young as you feel, and when you feel great and take care of yourself, you will also look great. There are some basic practices that will help you age gracefully and look amazing.

To keep your beauty and vibrance, use these tips on how to look younger:

ways to look younger

Eat Avocados and Berries

Fill your refrigerator with fresh produce and you won’t even have to worry about how you’ll age. In the standard American diet, we’re just not getting enough fruits and vegetables. We also are eating way too much processed food, and these foods take a toll on your body and all your systems.

A lot of wear that we chalk up to age is actually closer to damage. Avocados and berries will keep you young. Eating lots of berries will also help you have healthy, elastic skin. This means strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They are all healthy and high in anti-oxidants, and will also give you lots of energy. 

Avocados are great because they are fatty and have essential oils that are great for your skin. Your skin will stay smooth and full of moisture when you adds some avocados to your salads a few times per day.

On top of getting some wonderful nutrition, there are companies that have great products you can use. For example, Siorai has a line of products that help with anti-aging, detoxification, thyroid support, and anti-inflammation.

Have a Good Skincare Routine

If you want to look young, you need to get consistent with how take care of your skin. You need to make sure you wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day, and you need to make sure you’re using the serums and moisturizers that are meant for your skin type. A few affordable brands to consider are Innisfree, The Ordinary, and Body Merry. 

Drink Several Glasses of Water Every Day

Our bodies are mostly made up of water anyway, so be sure that you’re drinking loads of it. Pour up several glasses or have a dedicated daily water bottle that you use to measure it out and make sure you are drinking the right amount. This is non-negotiable, every single day.

Once you start seeing how clean and clear your skin looks it won’t be something that you regret. Seven glasses of water a day is actually one of J.Lo’s anti-aging secrets. how J.Lo says she stays so youthful! 

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

It’s easy to look old if your body is in pain and feels rickety. Exercise is the perfect medicine for that. It gets the blood pumping and makes sure that you have better anti-inflammation. Exercise also makes us happy, based on plenty of scientific findings.

Exercise is necessary also because it helps you to stay stress-free. When you are light and not stressed out, you will naturally age much better. 

These tips are gold if you want to learn how to look younger. You will love your life and yourself, which is what it’s all about when it’s all said and done.

Use these tips and start defying age today!