7 Beach Outfit Ideas for a Stylish Summer

Posted December 16, 2022 by in Fashion

Summer is that time of the year when all you want to do is let the sun get under your skin. The best place to go should be at the beach, rocking stylish outfits. You can ditch your usual swimsuit and go for classy and trendy styles that give summer vibes.

Beachwear typically comprises bright, colorful, and bold textures that make you look the part. You must also master the art of layering it well to look outstanding this summer. If you’re wondering what to rock as your beach outfit this summer, below are some ideas you should try:

Woman in sun hat and bathing suit sitting on towel on beach

  1. Resort Wear

The joy of wearing your resort outfit on a hot day is unmatched. If you’re looking to have a good time at a summer vacation hotel, your best bet is resort living outfits. The outfits can include a printed or floral dress, a kimono, or silky trousers that drape over your body perfectly. 

You can also go for striped patterns on your shorts or robe. The idea behind this unique outfit is to keep it light but bold. Bring the vacation vibes to the beach by adding resort collection styles to your outfit.

  1. Cutout Dress

Nothing says chic than wearing a cutout dress as a beach outfit. You can settle for maxi, bareback, or strapless dresses that give your body an edgy look. It’s an excellent way to wear fur in the summer.

Alternatively, you can rock a hollow crochet dress that turns heads as you enjoy the hot sun. Ensure you have a swimsuit underneath. It comes in handy when you want to get into the water. Don’t forget to pair the hollow dress with a colorful sun hat that completes your look.

  1. Beach Dress

One staple outfit that works well for summer vibes is the beach dress; you’ve got to own one. There are endless styles to choose from. It’s essential to go for one that matches your personal style. On that note, it’s up to you to decide on the length, color, style, and patterns that suit you.

You can look through fashion magazines or online catalogs for the latest trends in beach dresses. Some trendy designs to watch out for include the midi, button-up dress, flare, wrap dress, and spaghetti straps. However, you can’t afford to miss out on the white maxi beach dress. Its versatility makes it a perfect summer beach outfit. You can rock it day or night and look fantastic.

  1. Shorts

For a sexy and fashionable beach outfit, put on shorts. There are no rules on choosing the style of shorts for your beach outfit. You can go for high-waist or low-cut shorts. Don’t go for heavy fabrics such as denim or cotton, as they can make you sweaty under the summer sun. On this account, try some loose, baggy shorts. Wear breathable summer tops, like wrap or bikini tops, to complete your outfit.

  1. Two-Piece Set

The two-piece set is among the trendiest and most stylish ways to take your beach outfit to the next level. You’ll never run out of choices, from matchy outfits to floral prints, striped, and solid colors. You also have the option to go for a short or a skirt to match your top.

Since two pieces are often short, you can rock a bathing suit cover-up. They save the day when you need to sit down. This way, you can avoid scorching your behind on the hot sand.

  1. Button Down Shirt

Another essential beach outfit is a button-down shirt. It’s one outfit that can give you room to wear your swimsuit for once you’ve stepped out of the water and ready to lounge. When choosing your button-down shirt, ensure it’s made up of lightweight material. It’d also be great to go for a long loose fit. The idea is to let the air in.

  1. Beach Skirt

If you adore skirts, you can wear them as your beach outfit. You can explore several designs that flatter your figure. For instance, slip-cut long skirts are significant for showing off your sexy tan legs. You can also try out the ruffled miniskirts. Whatever design you choose to rock, you should be comfortable in them. Remember, your summer tops can help you layer this beach outfit right. 

One way to get your beach outfit right is by wearing stylish summer trends. Be specific with the designs and details. It’s what makes your outfit outstanding. You can also go for stylish designs that you’re comfortable with. Remember, the fabric and material weight matter. Don’t go for heavy materials, which can leave you warm and sweaty. The goal is to enjoy the hot sun while looking stylish.