7 Beautiful Epoxy Countertop Color Ideas For Every Kitchen Style

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Home

Epoxy is not the conventional choice for a kitchen countertop, but it can work beautifully if installed properly. Many brands like Caesarstone offer a wide range of epoxy designs. Therefore, you have a large selection of options to choose from.

Here we have highlighted some of our favorite picks of epoxy countertop ideas that you can choose for your kitchen countertop:

  1. Create A Modern Kitchen 

If you plan to create a modern kitchen, such as one with a one of the design ideas you can go for is the combination of dark and light shade. Keep your epoxy countertop single-colored and subtle and complement it with a pop of color here and there. For instance, you can go for a darker shade wall, lights, and other big and small kitchen elements. Make sure there is a balance between both shades to create a sophisticated look. 

  1. Bring The Old World Charm

The versatility of epoxy allows us to use the material in any way we want. So if you envision creating a patterned countertop and pairing it with wooden cabinets, keep the base color subtle to match the wooden cabinets and flooring. And accentuate the whole space with classic kitchen appliances and lighting. 

  1. Accentuating The Traditional Allure 

The traditional kitchen never fails to retain its charm even today. You can mix traditional kitchen décor with modern amenities, and you will have a classic and functional space. And thankfully, epoxy can help you achieve the look without shedding too much money. Go for a plain epoxy countertop and complement it with a traditional sink, shelves, and cabinets. Painting the cabinets, shelves, and ceiling border in darker shade will add a distinctive touch to your décor. 

  1. Go All-Chrome With Your Design 

If you love the all-chrome design, then this is the perfect idea for you. You are likely to have stainless steel shelves, cabinets, storage space, and a refrigerator. You can complete the look by investing in a metallic epoxy kit. This will bring the whole thing together and give you the space you want. 

  1. Replicate The Luxurious White Marble 

Marble is one of the luxurious countertop materials, but it is a bit expensive. But if you want a marble countertop on a budget, then you can recreate marble using epoxy resins. And it is easier to create marble epoxy than you think; it is all about being patient and precise. You can go with marble countertops paired with white cabinets. You can play with a touch of bold colors here to complete the look. 

  1. Creating The Soapstone Allure

Stone designs with epoxy can be a great project to take on as it tickles your creative mind. And the good thing is that you have a lot of options to explore. Green stones with black spots are an epoxy idea to replicate granite. You can add while random veins to create a unique design. You can pair this countertop with an even darker shade of green in the cabinets. Wooden cabinets will also look good with these soapstone-inspired cabinets. 

  1. Inspired From Natural Stones 

Natural stone countertops look and feel luxurious, and you can replicate the same with epoxy design. You can choose the color that you want to go for. But if your décor is already dark, then we suggest you go for subtle colors. On the other hand, if your décor is lighter, then you can experiment with darker shades. You get to experiment with the textures and patterns and create unique countertop designs that match your personality.  Porcelain benchtops are another texture you should check out if you’re looking to give your kitchen a makeover.

A Guide To Cleaning Your Epoxy Countertops 

Epoxy countertops are exceptionally easy to clean, but you have to be consistent about them. You can use various cleaning products and techniques without impacting the integrity of the surface. However, there are few things that you have to keep in mind when working with epoxy countertops.

  1. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaning Products 

Abrasive cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can scratch or make the surface appear dull. Additionally, the abrasive cleaner can also leave behind whirl marks over your countertops. You should also avoid using polishes, waxes, and scouring pads on the countertops. 

  1. Maintain Its Brilliant Shine 

You do not have to work very hard to maintain the shine of your epoxy countertop. You can apply little mineral oil to the epoxy countertop once a week or month to maintain its shine—the oil assists in avoiding the dullness that tends to appear over time. However, if you use too much oil, it can cause the opposite impact. It can make your countertop appear cloudy. If you put too much oil, then just wipe with a cloth. Moreover, the epoxy material can also stain quite easily. But that mostly depends on the quality of the epoxy materials. Some reputed brands provide epoxy materials that do not stain easily.  

  1. Clean The Stain Promptly

If you accidentally manage to spill something over your epoxy material, make sure to wipe it off immediately. If you let it stay for a long time, it will stain and may cause permanent damage. To clear the stain, make a mixture containing one part water and four parts baking soda. Apply the mixture (paste) on the stain and let it rest for five minutes. Using a cloth, wipe away the stain, and you will maintain its look. If it is a stubborn stain, you can use acetone or paint thinner to get rid of the stain. Dip a cleaning cloth with acetone and clean the stain in a circular motion. While a little pressure is good, do not apply too much pressure.  

When it comes to epoxy countertops, you have a plethora of design options to explore. And the result you get is a glossy countertop that can match any décor and style preference. Additionally, epoxy is also easier to clean and maintain. But you need to be a bit careful with them as they can scratch easily. Above, we have shared some beautiful ideas that may help you remodel your kitchen the right way. 

*Photo by Andrea Davis