7 Benefits of Having a Career in Massage Therapy

Posted August 11, 2021 by in Career

Looking to begin a new career? Narrowing down your options can get a bit overwhelming because your choice helps define who you are and shapes your life.

Consider a career in massage therapy! Read on to learn seven benefits to taking this opportunity!

1. High Demand

In 2018, over 47 million Americans received massages from a licensed professional. Many went more than once.

This makes massage therapy a high-demand profession. If you do a good job, then you will not struggle to find work.

2. Lucrative Career

People will pay good money for a great massage. Plus, on top of paying for the service, most people will tip you as well. If you focus your efforts on this career, it can become very lucrative. 

3. Short Schooling

One of the benefits of being a massage therapist is that you get there quickly. Enroll in classes through Crsmt.com and you may finish in one to two years, depending on the course load you commit to.

Many comparable careers require a four-year program, leaving you unable to work full time during your schooling and stuck with a lot of student debt. On this path, you can quickly make your way through school and begin earning!

Before starting a massage therapy career, do not hesitate to protect yourself from liability claims. As a trained professional or student, you can’t predict risks while working. You can check this guide on massage insurance to read about these coverage options in detail.

4. Independence

When first starting out, you may want to gain experience and build clientele in an already established space. However, you can eventually branch off on your own and put your unique signature on your work.

First, purchase your own portable massage table and supplies, like lotions and essential oils. This way you can begin going to your clients. Eventually, you can work on getting your own space.

To make your messages unique, you can include several techniques or incorporate other elements. Look into sound healing, crystals, aromatherapy, and other arts that you may join into your work to make it stand out!

5. Stress-Free Environment

Many people come home frazzled from a day of work at their office. But, a massage therapy career typically puts you into a stress-free work environment.

Your clients come because they need to de-stress. So, you probably work in low lighting with soft music and no drama!

6. Like-Minded People

If you choose a career in massage therapy, then you probably enjoy self-care and natural healing. Your profession will draw both coworkers and clients who carry the same mindset into your life. This will open you up to new opportunities and experiences that lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

7. Help Others

Once you receive your massage therapy certification, you can begin helping others through your career. This will feel amazing to know that your passion makes the world a better place!

People will come to you to with stress and pain that you can immediately ease. You will send them off feeling better than they did when they walked in!

If you want to feel like your profession makes a difference in the lives of others, then consider a career in massage therapy! Through your work, others will discover happiness and health, and you will find success!

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*Photos by Elina Fairytale