7 Best Men’s Work Bags in 2022

Posted May 24, 2022 by in Career/ Fashion

In general, most men don’t care about having a collection of bags like women do. Although men like to use the same battered bag for work or play, this isn’t the case for women who may have a separate wardrobe lined with handbags, shoppers, clutches, and many more. 

Know that quality and stylish bags are a modern-day essential that all working gentlemen should carry with pride. If you’re unsure what kind of work bag to look for, this article shares the different types of bags suitable for every hardworking man.

  1. Leather Laptop Bags

A working man’s laptop is probably the most expensive thing he usually carries around. With that in mind, it has to be kept safe and secure. In this case, the traditional laptop bag is nothing short of essential. 

When looking for a laptop bag, you need to consider the size of your computer before shopping. Likewise, look for extras like zip compartments for chargers, padded compartments to keep your laptop secure from bumps, and added sections to keep your documents. 

If you’re looking for the most professional type of bag, then choosing leather as the material is usually your best bet. Opting for a leather laptop bag means you’ll be able to carry your tech to work without sacrificing your style, as a leather bag looks far more professional than a canvas or nylon laptop bag. Go with full-grain leather if you want the bag to last and consider the color of suit you want to wear with it, as certain color combinations are better than others.

Laptop Bag from Von Baer
  1. Backpack

The backpack is one of the most versatile work bags on this list. It comes with a lot of styles to accommodate different situations and lifestyles. For instance, there are smart leather backpacks on the market that suit the business-casual commuter, but they can also be a rugged companion for your weekend pursuits. 

Consider leather styles that work best for the office and some that feature a laptop sleeve. You can also opt for an everyday commuter bag featuring adjustable air mesh straps to keep things comfortable and dry. Just make sure to look for extra paddings to secure the contents inside. 

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  1. Briefcase

Most men think that briefcase is the most old-school type of work bag. However, this classic leather case is still as relevant as ever. 

A trusty briefcase is a city office worker’s best friend. It is designed with functionality in mind and is used by most lawyers to transport bulky documents to and from the court. 

Besides, a briefcase is practical, makes you look smart, and if you choose the right one, it can last you a lifetime. Plus, nothing ruins your suit jacket like a bulky backpack that hung over your shoulder, making this a sleek alternative to ensure that you look good. 

When choosing a briefcase, consider picking a shade of leather that perfectly matches your shoes. Keep things simple and slick. In terms of functionality, you want something like a laptop bag that provides ample storage for the usual modern hardware such as a hard drive or charger. 

  1. Tote Bag

A tote bag is like a hybrid of a backpack and a briefcase. It is roomy enough to stow all your work documents easily but versatile enough with an easy-access design that allows you to use it as a shopping bag or beach bag. 

When shopping for a tote bag, the material is the most crucial thing you should consider. If you’re using it as your work bag, you should opt for nylon or leather. A zipper at the top provides extra security, and internal pockets allow you to find your keys easily. 

  1. Messenger Bag

If you’re not feeling comfy with the classic backpack, the messenger bag is a decent option to try. It features the same sack-type design as a backpack but is secured with a single strap instead of two. 

It offers a lot of room and comes with many pockets and sizes to conveniently keep all your work items secured in one place. Messenger bags are mostly made of cloth, but other leather variants are available; thus, they suit everyday use and commuting. 

  1. Weekender Bag

Weekender bags are nothing else than what their name says–the perfect bag for weekend travels, either to relax or anything related to work. 

It features an internal space that can hold all your trip essentials like toiletries, snacks, clothing, and other stuff you need to carry on your trip. It features a long and adjustable shoulder strap with shorter handles at each side for easy handling and quick grip. 

Most weekender bags are made of nylon. Yet if you want a sleek bag to carry with you on your business travels, then the leather variant offers a chic look and provides long-term use. 

  1. Portfolio 

A portfolio is your best option if you don’t intend to attract attention. Also called a pouch or document holder, a portfolio is a well-sized bag that can fit a small laptop or tablet and critical documents for your next business meeting. This work bag is also perfect for the workplace, special presentations, interviews, or safe-keeping sensitive documents. 

Unlike other bags on this list, a portfolio is a simple, rectangular pocket without straps or handles. It features a simple fold-over flap to maintain a simplistic look and provide easy access to the things inside. However, look for portfolios with a zip for security. Additionally, look for padded protection for your gadgets and an internal divider to separate your paper documents from your electronic device.

As a sleek alternative to the traditional briefcase, it is recommended that you get a leather portfolio that you can slip under your arm as you move. 

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Although men seem to have limited options on the types of bags available to them compared to women, it’s quite the contrary. With different types, sizes, and styles you can choose from, the bags discussed here can match your specific intentions and carry all your work necessities.