7 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas under $35 for Your Sister

Posted March 26, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Sister

If you have a sister, you know special that relationship is. Whether your sister is older or younger, you most likely have a bond that not even your best friend understands. If your sister is about to have a birthday, you may not want to gift her the same old things: makeup, perfumes, workout gear….

You may want to think out of the box and get her something truly unique for her birthday. Something that she will use often and if you live far apart, an item that will make her smile every time she uses it. Below you will find perfect birthday gifts ideas for your sister. All under $35!

1. No tear onion glasses  

Pretty much everyone tears up when they cut onions, and it can get pretty annoying. Especially if you cook often. If your sister loves to cook, consider gifting her a pair of no-tear onion glasses. As silly as it sounds, they are helpful and she will get a good laugh every time she uses them.


2. The inflatable air couch  

Does your sister travel or hike often? If so, consider gifting her an inflatable air couch. These condense a lot, so they can easily be put in the back of the car or even in a luggage bag. I got to play around with one a few years back and they are so fun; you just open it up and it fills with air immediately, no pump needed. These inflatable air couches are also great for beach days. $32.00

3.  A daily planner   

If you have a younger sister who is still in high school or is in college, consider gifting her a daily planner. It will help her stay organized when it comes to balancing work, school, and her social life. You may even want to write her a nice note on the first page so she sees it every time she uses it. She may want some of your wisdom, but may not know how to ask. The likelihood of her looking up to you is very high.


4. A biscuit mug   

Do you have memories of sneaking milk and cookies in the middle of the night as kids? If so, consider this cute mug! It has an area for her favorite cookie. 


5.  A floating bookmark   

If your sister loves to read, a bookmark would be a great gift. To make it unique and not so basic, consider a floating bookmark. To give this gift some more substance, include your favorite book.


6. A stationary shelf 

Is your sister a freelancer that works remotely? If so, she most likely has a designated area in her home for working. Help her keep her documents and stationary organized by gifting her a stationary shelf. 


7.  Mr. Tea infuser  

This may be unusual, but a Mr. Tea infuser would be a very useful gift if she is a regular tea drinker. Include your favorite loose leaf tea in the gift to personalize it a bit. 


Most of these items can be found on Amazon, but some of them can be found in your favorite stores as well. We really hope that we shared the best and most unique ideas on what to gift your sister for her birthday.

What did you get your sister for her birthday last year? Let us know in the comments below!