7 Bridal Makeup Problems That Can Ruin Your Big Day

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Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life. It’s most likely a day you have dreamed about since you were a little girl. You may have even begged your mom to try on her wedding dress that was hiding way in the back of her closet. When it comes to thinking about your wedding, the first things you may start thinking about is your dress, hair, and makeup.

Your makeup can make or break your look, so it’s very important you hire the right makeup artist. How makeup looks in person can be very different from photos, so you need to make sure your makeup is photo friendly. After all, your photos are all you’ll have left of your wedding and it’s what your children and grandchildren will hang in their homes when they grow up.

So…we have a list of mistakes which you shouldn’t make. Make sure that you discuss all these points with your makeup artist to make sure you both are on the same page. And if you’re worried about where to find a professional makeup artist, then we have a solution for you. You can find many credible makeup artist in Delhi if you visit the official website of Shaadidukaan, India’s fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of wedding vendors for your wedding requirements:

Over Bronzing

Thanks to the Kardashians, dramatic highlighting and contouring is still a huge trend. Especially for brides. This bronze HD makeup that highlights the face and makes the face cut and edgy definitely gives you a gorgeous look; it especially looks good with smokey eyes and a poppy red lip color.  

However, this dramatic look can be done poorly if you don’t hire the right person who knows how to work with brides. It can be very heavy, and going too dramatic can overpower your face. So ask your makeup artist to go easy on the bronzing. Your artist should use light strokes instead of being too heavy handed. 

7 Bridal Makeup Problems That Can Ruin Your Big Day

Color of Lipstick 

Lipstick is one of the most important parts of bridal makeup and must be applied very carefully because it can really set the mood to your look. You must decide what your makeup artist should apply on the lips first like- matte lipstick, crème lipstick or a simple lip gloss. This is a personal preference, there is no right or wrong here. 

The second thing about the lipstick is you must check your lip size. If you have plump lips then you should apply a bit darker shades because you wouldn’t want your lips to dominate the look, if you have thin lips then you should go for a bright shade because this will help to highlight the lips to a greater extent. 

You can highlight the lip line according to your lip size as well, if you have big lips then go for a darker shade and if you have thin lips then go for a light shade.

Mauve or Nude?

Cakey Foundation 

Foundation acts as a canvas in which the further varieties of makeup products are added. You must make sure that your makeup artist chooses the shade for your bridal look very carefully because it is a very important factor for your makeup. Your foundation must be close to your skin tone.

This foundation then is applied in a way that it doesn’t look too bright or dusty. And the most important thing is that the foundation should be applied in the right volume. You don’t want to be wearing too much foundation, otherwise your makeup will become cakey. No one ever wants to have cakey makeup!

And the cakey foundation can make the makeup a bit flakey overtime, and it is your duty to make sure that the makeup artist applies it properly.

7 Bridal Makeup Problems That Can Ruin Your Big Day

Control the Contouring

Another major part that counts a lot in bridal makeup is the contouring. Bronzing is a type of contouring but it is only done on limited makeup styles. This is the major difference that should be kept in mind. 

But what is important is the application of a contour on the face. Over contouring can make your face look out of place and can make it appear very small, which doesn’t look that good. Moreover, the over contouring can make your face double shaded and this can give an impression of over applied makeup. Try to stay true to your natural structure rather than going overboard.

7 Bridal Makeup Problems That Can Ruin Your Big Day

Choose Between Glossy or Matte

There are two types of makeup applications that must be kept in mind. One is glossy and the other one is matte makeup. And you should visit the makeup artist prior to your wedding and discuss it out clearly. Choose the makeup type you  get based on your skin type.

Glossy makeup should be done on a face that is more on the dryer side (or combination). Matte is best for those who are more oily. 

Peach makeup!

Not Using a Concealer

One common mistake that every makeup artist does is not using the concealer properly. It is not only used to blur down the flaky skin, dark circles, acne or pimples but also to give a proper touch-up. 

Usage of concealer can help you to overcome all the makeup mistakes that occur at the last moment, rather than avoiding it, your makeup artist must conceal it properly. Concealing can be a good way to control the damage. And is a must in any makeup artist’s makeup kit. 

7 Bridal Makeup Problems That Can Ruin Your Big Day

Over Dramatic Eyes

Eyes are the most important feature when it comes to makeup. So, it makes the eye makeup a very vital part of the bridal look. You should make sure that this beautiful feature is used properly.

Ask your makeup artist to highlight your eyes but in a way that it looks glamorously natural and avoid the dramatic look at any cost because it can ruin the look. So, match your eyes properly with the outfit and the makeup so that the eyes don’t hide under the heavy eye makeup!

7 Bridal Makeup Problems That Can Ruin Your Big Day

What type of bridal makeup look do you want for your wedding?

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