7 Clear Signs That Your Dog Is A Happy Chappy

Posted January 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

A happy dog means a happy home.  We all love the idea of watching our dogs stay chirpy and cheerful all day. Their cheerful energy brings positive vibes to your home. Make sure to capture each moment and create lots of cute pet photo albums out of it. Ensuring the happiness and good health of the pet is always a priority as a pet owner. But understanding what your dog is feeling can be quite tricky sometimes.

Here are seven signs you can watch out for to know if your dog is a happy chappy:

A corgi outside near white flowers.

1. Your Furry Buddy Is Energetic 

An apparent indication of a happy dog is when they are energetic and cheerful. You can easily understand something is wrong if your dog is not jumping in excitement or actively moving around. They should particularly enjoy spending time outdoors. You can shop dog crates to carry them to a picnic or to spend a nice day outside on the beach make sure to Snow Dog Booties. You will notice that they love the new surroundings and act playful and energetic. 

Young dogs have plenty of energy to play and walk long distances without feeling tired or bored. They are usually in high spirits when they get the chance to interact with the outside world. When your dog is happy, they are curious about the objects, people, and other animals around them. They are excited to interact with them in some way. 

As they get old, their energy levels naturally reduce. They might not be able to enjoy very long walks or playing as much. But they should still be interested in physical activity, which is a true indication of their happiness. 

2. Your Furry Mate Is Not Anxious 

Staying calm and relaxed is a sign of good physical and mental well being in your dog. If you have a happy dog, you will notice that they are seldom anxious or nervous about their surroundings. They are usually wagging their tail in excitement or calmly seated in their favorite spot in the house. 

While it is common for dogs to act a little nervous or anxious in certain situations, such as during thunderstorms or noise from crackers, it is important to watch out for any signs that might indicate a chronic anxiety problem

Young dogs are especially quite fragile and tend to respond to stresses more intensely. They might feel anxious due to separation from the owner, change of environment, travel, or other factors. In this case, you can consult your vet to consider therapy or medications to help them cope with the problem. 

3.Your Friend Has Floppy Ears

It is possible to understand your dog’s mood and feelings from their body language. Ears are a simple indication of your dog’s happiness. The shape of the ear varies between different breeds. But, when they are happy or excited, their ears relax against the sides of the head, looking loose and floppy. 

If you notice their ears pinned back, it indicates anxiousness, aggression, or fear. You might have to access the surroundings to understand what could trigger these feelings. Ears pricked forward is also a healthy gesture. It means that your dog is curious or interested in something happening around them. 

4. Your Canine Eats Well 

Watching your canine cleaning out his food bowl shows that they are happy and content in their life. Happy dogs are usually active and energetic, and they require proper nutrition to support their lifestyle. A hearty appetite is thus a sign of good health and wellbeing.

Unusual changes in the appetite might indicate a digestive issue, or your canine is not liking their meal. They go back to their normal diet with just a little bit of love and extra attention in most cases. You can also give them some of their favorite treats to improve their mood.  

But, if your furry buddy shows signs of lousy appetite or is going off their diet for prolonged periods, you might want to take them for a check-up. Your vet may suggest the necessary medications required to restore their usual appetite.  

5. Your Pup Is Happy To See You 

The warm feeling of cuddling your pet is priceless. Dogs also love being pampered and cuddled by their owners. A happy dog will be excited to see their family at the end of the day and will love to spend as much time as possible playing with you.  They will run around trying to grab your attention, so you pat them, play with them, or let them sit on your lap. 

While, based on the breed, their personality might differ, most happy dogs enjoy human company. If you feel like your dog refuses to interact with you or is unusually quiet, dull, and lazy, you might need to consult your vet to understand any underlying problem. 

6. Your Pet Acts Friendly  

Dogs are amiable beings. They love the human company and are usually happy to spend time with new members at home. Dog owners love to introduce their pets to guests as they enjoy greeting and playing with them. Similarly, dogs also love the company of other canines. It might take them a little while to get comfortable to share their space, but they tend to grow friendly and playful towards the new pet eventually. This type of friendly behavior towards guests and other dogs is an indication of a happy pet. 

Suppose your dog overreacts to new people’s arrival, exhibits aggressive behavior such as constant barking, chewing things, or refuses to listen to you. In that case, you might need to train them to adapt to new surroundings. Try taking them outside more often to interact with other animals and new people. They should eventually learn to feel calm and happy in new environments as well. 

7. Your Pooch Loves To Nap

When it is nap time, your dog should find their favorite, comfy spot at home and drift into a peaceful sleep.  A happy dog seeks the necessary dose of relaxation after an energetic day. They usually take a carefree nap during their usual sleep hours without any interruptions. 

Acting restless during their naptime is a sign of stress or anxiety. Stressed dogs tend to wake up in the middle of the nap and switch to a new place to feel more comfortable. They seldom enjoy deep sleep and are usually tired the following day due to a lack of proper rest. You can talk to your vet or hire a dog trainer to explore ways to enable your pet to sleep better.  

Pet owners spend a lot of time to ensure that their furry buddy feels loved in their new home. Using these seven signs, you can easily understand if your dog is a happy chappy who feels safe and loved. 

*Photos by Alvan Nee