7 Dressing Styles to Try Out This Summer

Posted May 22, 2022 by in Fashion
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With the spring fashion season coming close, all eyes are now turned toward the summer collections that have already started making the rounds in various fashion circles. Keeping the changing weather in mind, you’d want to make a few tweaks to your wardrobe, which might still be in sync with the spring, causing slight discomfort when you wear them now. 

This article shall discuss the various types of styles and looks you should try this summer:

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Opt for a dress (instead of tight pants)

Unless it’s impossible to avoid wearing tight pants, you should be as far from them as possible. Not only do they cause skin problems, but they’re also known to affect blood circulation. 

Dresses are the ideal casual wear that can be turned into formal business wear by making just a few tweaks to the accessories that go along with the occasion. 

Choose a lighter shade of color

Lighter shades are known to reflect the maximum amount of light, ensuring that when you’re out under the sun for extended periods, these clothes will prevent your body from absorbing most of the heat. 

Light colors also work well in sunny situations as light helps enhance the shades of lighter colors, thereby making them brighter and prettier to look at. 

Cotton is your best friend

If you’re wondering whether changing the fabric would make you feel any different, you’re correct. Cotton and linen absorb the most water, thereby ensuring that any sweat on your skin doesn’t fester there for long but is rather absorbed by the cloth. 

Given the nature of the season, it’s natural that you’d find yourself sweating profusely. But, with that much heat around you, your clothes are likely to dry faster, and when it comes to cotton or linen, both are known to dry up quickly when kept under the sun. 

A patterned dress over a plain one, unless it’s for business. 

A dress can be worn for any occasion, but more importantly, they’re the best place to begin when planning on making fashion statements. 

A floral pattern on a dress is as summer as it gets; one look at you, and anyone looking knows that summer is here if they don’t already. But floral patterns would go so far; if you genuinely want to have a dress for every occasion, you’d also want to look at other variants. For instance, a leopard patterned dress. 

To find a greater variety of patterns, you can search for womens online clothing

stores. It’s better than frequenting multiple stores in this scorching heat. 

Now that is casual wear that can be worn on any day. So you can go to work wearing the same dress in which you later join your friends for drinks without anyone blinking twice. 

Try lighter tops with comfortable pants

One of the most optimal combinations comes in a simple trouser-blouse pairing that gives off a stunning look while ensuring that your comfort levels do not dip even in the slightest. 

You can wear a plain blouse and a pair of loosely fitted chinos and call it business attire or swap the plain blouse for a floral print and walk down to your friend’s party straight from work without skipping a beat.

Many have now turned to online stores where they know they’ll find the right combination. Of course, finding the right one could be challenging, but if someone uses the right fabric and gives enough choices, I’d be tempted enough to see if I can find what I need. 

Try skirts instead of dresses

Skirts are as comfortable as any dress would be, with the only exception being that it gives you the freedom to match a single skirt with multiple tops.

This means that the skirt being worn to work with a formal blouse could be worn to the park with a comfortable t-shirt to go with it or even with a cotton blouse at brunch with friends! The possibilities are endless, so it is ideal for those who love experimenting with their wardrobe. 

This should be your go-to option this summer for those who are minimalists at heart but take immense pride in making fashion statements.

Jumpsuits are the rage these days. 

You’d say that jumpsuits used to be the trend quite a while ago, to which I’d say that they’re back again, and this time around, they’re the thing that everyone is talking about. 

Watch out for the new fashion collections, as most will feature at least one jumpsuit that would appeal to your heart. 

Woman in jumpsuit leaning against a large cactus in the desert.

After reading this article, I ask you to trust your instinct to guide your sense of style, and you’d find yourself amazed by the results you get.

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