7 Effective Tips to Make Your Mattress Firmer

Posted August 24, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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It is discouraging to wake up with a sore neck and back. Your mattress’s firmness is an essential aspect to consider because it determines how easily you can move around while sleeping but is vital to your good health. The stability of your mattress affects spine alignment, hips and backs, and pressure relief for joints. A too-soft mattress might be uncomfortable and prevent you from getting a peaceful sleep. 

Below, we give you tips to help you make your mattress firmer, giving you the most peaceful sleep:

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Keep Your Mattress Cool

Various mattresses come with different features. Some are temperature sensitive. When exposed to heat, such mattresses tend to get softer. Long term exposure to low temperatures may get your mattress more malleable. Room temperatures play a vital role in the firmness of the mattress too.

Getting the thermostat turned down to 65 or 68 degrees can be an excellent place to start as the right temperature will help your mattress regain its natural elasticity. This, in turn, causes the filling to get firmer.

Flip Your Mattress Over

Flipping your mattress over is a practice you should embrace as you try to preserve the firmness of your mattress. You have to switch the direction of your mattress in either of two ways. The first step is rotating it, so the course of the foot becomes the head, or flipping it upside down. It is natural for mattresses to wear out fast on some spots.

Just like it is easy to restore your mattress’s firmness, restoration of its supportiveness might be comfortable, too even, though not all mattresses can be flipped.

For example, if you have a flappable one, the hybrid mattresses, flip it at least once every six months.

Use the Correct Bedsheets

Tightening your bed sheet might be another way to get a firm mattress. Your fitted sheets should lie smooth. Experts at Sleep Authorities advise that stretching your bedsheets while spreading puts pressure on the mattress, enforcing hardness. Mattress pads might be considered by many an option, though not the best.

Mattress pads add softness to your bed instead. Depending on your choices, if you need a protective layer between your mattress and bedsheets, a mattress protector is the best alternative.

Add a Plywood

When a bed is less firm, the foundation might be the course. With age, parts of the foundation might be broken or weak. This wear and tear make your mattress saggy, soft, less firm, and uncomfortable. The solution is adding a robust plywood platform below your mattress to increase support and firmness.

While plywood is the right solution, it limits the airflow from your bed and encourages mildew growth. Buy a waterproof protector to keep your mattress encased and use moisture-resistant plywood.

Air Your Mattress

Body heat can make your mattress soft and retain heat. In areas with a humid climate, your mattress might absorb moisture anytime. It would be best if you take your mattress out in the sun, so the excess moisture evaporates, and you can get rid of the germs, allergens, and mildew accumulated by the mattress.

Use Mattress Toppers

To increase your mattress’s comfort and longevity, you will be required to get a mattress topper. Toppers measure 2 to 4 inches thick. It is placed on top of the mattress to boost its stiffness and to provide extra comfort. Toppers are not made for all beds and mattresses. You can use them in softening up your bed. Toppers might be expensive but much cheaper than getting a new mattress.

Toppers are made of different materials such as wool, latex, and memory foam. It is essential to check for reviews as you compare features.

Remove Old Layers

Removing old layers works best on mattresses with removable covers like modern ones. Most of the time, how less stiff your mattress is, depends on the damaged layers. It might be a little challenging because not all manufacturers provide easily swiped out sheets. If you can unzip your mattress, you can be in any position to remove the worn-out layers, as you replace them with new ones. It will increase the firmness of your mattress.

Poor sleep causes a significant impact on your daily routine hence affecting your productivity. Nevertheless, you might be facing the worst scenario of tossing and turning each night. The only way to avoid such challenges is to adjust the firmness of your bed. The above tips might save you the trouble.