7 Hidden Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage Rental Units

Posted October 18, 2023 by in Lifestyle

When it comes to dealing with life changes or simply needing more space, people need a place to safely store their belongings. This is where storage units offer a life-changing solution. Traditionally, storage units have been large, unconditioned spaces where customers can rent a unit and keep their items protected from the elements. However, climate-controlled storage units are now available, providing an added layer of protection and benefits for stored items. 

According to industry statistics, there are over 49,000 self-storage facilities in the United States, making up a $39.5 billion market. Of those facilities, around half now offer climate-controlled units. This shows the growing demand for storage with regulated temperature and humidity. Climate control provides major advantages over traditional storage units. It protects belongings from damage caused by humidity, condensation, and temperature fluctuations. For items like furniture, artwork, electronics, and more, climate control is essential.

Renting a climate-controlled storage unit has many hidden benefits that renters may not consider initially. The stable environment protects items against deterioration and makes retrieving belongings easier. Climate control also deters pests, reduces odors, and provides peace of mind. Let’s explore seven key hidden benefits of renting climate-controlled storage.

1. Pest Deterrence

Rodents like mice and rats, as well as insects like silverfish and carpet beetles, are often drawn to the dark, secluded, and undisturbed spaces that storage units provide. Open storage units or those without climate control are particularly vulnerable to infestations by these pests. They can cause damage by nesting, chewing, or contaminating stored belongings. 

However, climate-controlled storage units create a much less hospitable environment for pests by keeping temperatures lower and regulating humidity levels. The maintained climate helps deter pests from taking up residence in the first place. When considering a storage rental, opting for a climate-controlled unit can be a proactive step in ensuring a pest-free environment for your belongings. This is essential for keeping all types of possessions pest-free while in storage, especially fabrics, wood, paper goods, and food items.

2. Protection from Temperature Extremes

One of the foremost advantages of renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the invaluable protection it provides belongings from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Traditional storage units are subject to considerable fluctuations in ambient temperature as the weather changes, which can end up damaging stored items. 

However, climate-controlled units maintain a steady, consistent temperature within a comfortable range of 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. This prevents issues like wooden furniture warping and cracking from dry heat, electronics malfunctioning and batteries draining from high heat, photographs curling and film becoming brittle in low temperatures, and more. 

The stable air temperature in a climate-controlled unit keeps all types of items in their optimal condition by protecting them from the deterioration caused by temperature swings.

3. Reduced Humidity and Moisture

Excess moisture and humidity inside a storage unit can lead to quite serious problems like rust forming on metals, mold growth on fabric and paper items, wooden furniture and floors warping and rotting from dampness, and just general deterioration of stored belongings. 

Climate-controlled storage units effectively combat this by actively regulating the interior humidity level within an ideal range of 40-60% humidity. This helps prevent condensation from forming on belongings and eliminates any dampness or musty odors from developing over time. 

Maintaining a lower, controlled humidity ensures all stored items remain dry and well-preserved. Reduced humidity is especially important for protecting furniture, clothing, paper files, artwork, and more from mold damage.

4. Odor Control

When belongings sit sealed in a storage unit for weeks or months at a time, they can start to develop unpleasant odors from high humidity, pest infestations, or even just the contents themselves. However, climate-controlled units maintain optimal climate conditions to prevent musty odors from moisture, deter pests that cause foul odors, and keep air properly circulating. 

Advanced climate control systems also use ventilation to help dispel and flush out any existing odors that may build up. This keeps stored clothing, furniture, equipment, and household items smelling fresh rather than taking on unpleasant scents from stagnant air and high humidity. Proper odor control provides a better experience accessing stored goods.

5. Greater Accessibility

Climate control in storage units allows much easier, year-round access to stored belongings. There is no need to avoid retrieving items on extremely hot summer days or frigid winter days, since comfortable climate conditions are always maintained. Regulated interior temperatures also prevent slippery floors and icy patches caused by condensation in traditional units. 

The convenience of a controlled environment means customers can access their climate-controlled unit whenever necessary without dealing with temperature and moisture obstacles. Stored items will also avoid heat or cold damage when being moved in and out.

6. Added Protection for Valuables

Special items like fine art, musical instruments, electronics, photo albums, and other collections often require particular care and controlled conditions. A climate-regulated storage unit provides the ideal protected environment for storing valuables that are especially vulnerable to any fluctuations in temperature or humidity. By maintaining the most stable air temperature and humidity allowed by the climate control system, irreplaceable or monetarily valuable items get excellent added defense against deterioration and damage. Climate control gives peace of mind that prized possessions are protected.

7. Peace of Mind

Ultimately, climate-controlled storage units provide renters with immense peace of mind. Customers can relax knowing their stored belongings are effectively protected from risks like temperature swings, excess moisture, pest infestations, and foul odors. Advanced climate control systems work 24/7 to minimize these risks that can lead to damaged or degraded possessions. Having the reassurance that all types of belongings are safely preserved in a consistently regulated environment really brings comfort to renters. Climate-controlled storage gives confidence that cherished items are in the most capable hands.

Climate-controlled storage units provide major hidden benefits beyond just square footage. Temperature control, humidity regulation, pest deterrence, and odor reduction keep stored items in optimal condition. Climate-controlled storage protects valuables and makes accessing belongings more convenient year-round. For many renters, these advantages are worth the added rental cost. The hidden benefits of climate control make storage units worth the investment for safeguarding items against deterioration and damage.

Considering climate-controlled units can help renters make the best choice for protecting their stored belongings.