7 Innovative Ways to Grow the Success of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted December 22, 2022 by in Career

A social media strategy is critical for businesses in today’s world and should make up a crucial part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Social media gives you access to a massive pool of possible customers and can help you open up your business to an international market.  

It is important to remember that social media can be a tricky arena to navigate, particularly if you are unsure of what you’re doing. Each social media platform has its own trends, styles, and target audience, so you will need to curate your content wisely. Carrying out plenty of market research into the platforms most likely to reach your ideal customer base is critical.  

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Survey Your Customer Base 

A great first step when developing your social media marketing campaign is to survey your customer base. You can do this as an option at the end of a purchase or via an email marketing campaign. Find out essential information like age groups, gender, interests, and other factors that could impact which social media sites you focus more closely on. For instance, there has been an age trend on Facebook towards people over 30, while TikTok is one of the most popular platforms for younger users.  

Use A Range Of Media And Content 

The type of media you use will vary from platform to platform. Some, like Facebook and Instagram, allow multiple media types like written content, video, and images. Others, like TikTok, are solely video based. You will need to make media and content to suit each of the platforms used and ones that will reach across various demographics. This can be most challenging for smaller businesses to achieve, as generating content can be a full-time job in itself. Small business owners might consider hiring content writers and creators to generate content for their brands.  

Develop A Theme And Tone For Social Media 

Your content should stick to a general theme and tone modeled on your brand. Your theme could be anything from luxury living to staying cozy, but it must be in keeping with the product or service you provide and be something your social media followers will want to engage with. This can take a bit of time to develop, but it will ensure that your message is consistent and appealing.  

Integrate Social Media With Your App 

If your business has an app, integrating social media into your app can be invaluable. It will make it much easier for customers and followers to engage with your brand and share the things they love with their followers in turn. You must ensure that your app is running well and fully secure when integrating social media. App security can be a major risk factor for data breaches which may damage your company’s reputation. Check out ForAllSecure’s guide on the importance of app security and how you can protect against vulnerabilities.  

Run A Contest 

Contests can be a great way to get user-generated content from your followers. This can make your life easier when it comes to social media marketing and can drive up customer engagement with your brand. Contests could include things like a photo competition with prizes for the followers who create the most liked and shared image featuring your product or brand. This will need to be advertised across all platforms you use to get maximum engagement.  

Do A Social Media Takeover 

Social media takeovers are a relatively new concept in which you give over control of your social media accounts to someone else for a set period. This is usually done with influencers or other businesses you have partnered with. It allows both of you to advertise for the other and can increase engagement among fans of each entity. It is always important to vet and approve the content created before a takeover.  

Engage With Comments On Social Media 

Customers often take to social media to air their opinions on a product or service. Unfortunately, it is often more common for people to use social media for negative reactions, though this is not always the case. Regardless of what your customers are saying online, it is vital to engage with them and let them know their opinions or concerns are being heard. You should always be polite and friendly when engaging on social media and never aggressive or competitive. Being empathetic and interested in what customers have to say can go a long way to boosting your social media image.  

If you’re hoping to make a success of your social media marketing campaign, you will need to think through your options carefully to develop the right strategy. If you are unsure where to start or overwhelmed by the possibilities, it could help to take on the services of a professional digital marketing company, which will be able to help you navigate the process.

Most importantly, you should find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition on social media, providing quality content that brings new customers to your doors.

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