7 Key Tips for Sending Gifts Internationally

Posted August 12, 2019 by in Lifestyle
sending gifts internationally

One of the ways you can show appreciation to someone is by giving them gifts. This simple gesture shows a lot of affection and thought materialized in the items you give. But what do you do if the recipient is in another part of the world?

You don’t have to let the distance impede you. You can still send a physical gift to them, though it may take a specific set of steps to do so. We’re here to help you figure it all out. 

Let us look into the process of sending gifts to your loved ones overseas:

  1. Pay Attention to the Destination Country

When sending gifts overseas, you need to take note of the destination of the recipient. To that extent, pay attention to the country. Each country has different standards in how they treat gift shipments. 

There are many countries that are duty-free/tax-free when it comes to gift shipments. This occurs when they are below a certain value. Once your gift hits above that value, it becomes dutiable, meaning the recipient may have to pay taxes to claim the item.

One solution around this is to pay the tax yourself. Some couriers automatically calculate this and may add the value to your order details. 

  1. Take Note of the Estimated Timeframe for Delivery

Remember to note the estimated time of arrival for the package. When items ship overseas, it takes a significant amount of time for the package in transit to arrive. 

This takes into account the fulfillment process. This also includes passing through customs and on to the next destination via freight. Depending on what you chose for your delivery method, the timeframe would vary. 

Very often, the standard period often takes two to three weeks. This becomes a problem if you plan to send something perishable as a gift, like chocolates or food items. If you plan to not miss the special date for that gift to arrive, take note of the delivery timeframe.

  1. Be Aware of the Prohibited Items

In the same train of thought with your destination country, you need to know which items do not qualify for shipping. This varies with both the country you plan to ship it to and the carriers that conduct the shipping and delivery.

Before you start shopping for gifts, read up on the guidelines of each country first. This way, you can pick a gift fitting for the destination and the recipient without breaking any laws. 

Also, check with the couriers to see what their policies are with gifts. They often have a list of items that qualify for shipping and items that end up rejected. Some courier services do not ship perishable food items. Others won’t carry tobacco items, glass, alcohol, and even flowers.

Some of the items that have restrictions for shipping include alcohol, perfumes, photographic supplies, lithium batteries, and lighters. If ever the courier does allow the shipping of these items, there might be no guarantee that it arrives safely (though you can put special instructions for those).

In case you wish to send over flowers as gifts, you can check out this article by abcFlora and plan accordingly.

  1. Make Sure to Pack with a Lot of Padding

Whenever you send a package, even if it’s a gift, make sure that it has sufficient packaging materials and padding to keep it safe during transport. For this, you can use padding. But if you don’t have any padding available or you want an alternative, you can also use newspapers instead.

The goal for the packaging is to prevent the item from moving around. Keeping it snug should also allow for a level of protection during transit.

When packing gifts, a gift bag can help in distinguishing the item. Remove any unused barcodes to avoid confusing the staff. 

Also, make sure that you reinforce the box. Use packing tape to reinforce the hinges of the box. Consider using two boxes for further reinforcement. Especially when the item you plan to ship happens to be precious and fragile.

  1. Use Secure and Leak-proof Containers

At times, even the most careful packaging would fail in preventing containers from breaking. Due to the rough handling of international transit, this becomes an unavoidable circumstance.

A practice you need to take heart is to use secure containers. If you plan to transport cream or liquid overseas, you need something that is both airtight and leak-proof to contain them. This prevents the contents from spilling and leaking from the handling.

  1. Mark the Package with any Instructions for Carriers

Couriers may have little information as to what exactly you have for delivery. If you plan to send gifts that are of delicate nature, you need to mark the package and include special instructions for carriers to follow.

This will advise them to handle your package with care during transport. If you have fragile items in the package, indicate it in the instructions. This way, they would pay attention and handle your gift shipment a little better than normal.

Also, while you do set up your package, make it a mandatory effort to have the shipment insured.

  1. Make Sure to Mark the Package as a Gift

In the same train of thought as earlier, mark the package as a gift in the shipping documentation. Put every detail in there about the description of the contents. 

By marking the shipment as a gift, many countries reserve special entry status to it. This will ensure careful handling and that it arrives at the destination in one piece.

Start Sending Gifts Overseas Today!

You can send gifts to friends and loved ones in any part of the globe. Though the most usual setup would be through the internet, a physical gift still has a special place for them. Don’t let the distance stop you from sending gifts. All it needs is proper planning in sending the gift. There would be other factors in play, but keep those factors in mind as you set forth with the gift-giving.

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